Saturday, February 21, 2015

Short update of my life.

Hi human :) This is going to be a short update of my life. As most of you know that i have already started school, so life have been quite busy for me. Even though i only started school for a few weeks, i can already feel the stress coming. In fact, i am really stress now as i am currently doing one of my individual project. I have been doing this project for days already and i don't know if i am pushing myself too hard or whatever, i just don't satisfied and understand my homework well enough. Since i am going to have my first ever individual presentation alone, i am really nervous. I don't even remember when was the last time i stand alone talking and presenting something and i keep stressing myself that i have to do well for my project due to GPA. Stress is good but too stress is not good. I am currently trying to say out what i feel right now because i just need somewhere to explode. As most of my friends know that i cannot handle stress well and i stress way too easily. I am really thankful to friends that help me, motivate me, giving me advise, listening to me ranting and cheering me up. I also feel really thankful to have this blog that allow me to share my thoughts and feelings. Honestly, thank you and i am feeling really blessed! 

Oh! Another thing i want to mention! On 19 February 2015, something happened that shock the hell out of me. My blog page view on that day was 355!!! I have never encounter 3 digits within a day before so thank you to all those that read my humble blog! I really appreciate it and happy that there actually someone out there interested in my blog post and read what i wrote. Thank you! 

For now, i will try my best to update this blog once a week! Really thank you to those who came and read my blog and waiting for me to update :) I love you guys! :*
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