Friday, February 6, 2015

Thoughts About Starting Poly Life

3 more days left to start of my Poly life.......Time really flew by! I have to be honest, the things that i have been thinking lately, about 95% is worrying about the start of my Poly life. Imagine going to a new place and you know no one. That is scarier than watching ghost shows.
So, i decided to say it out loud through writing this blog post. I worry about a lot of things....You can say that i am overthinking. I always think about putting myself in an extremely bad position in Poly life so that i won't be surprise when i go poly alone and able to handle my emotions *cry*

The main thing i am worry/scared of is not able to make any friends. I mean i enjoy time alone to spend quality time with myself but for long term, that is so lonely! Meaning that you have no one to talk to! It's also mean i have to endure a few more months before ZiYun and Gillian are able to join me.........Worse still! What if they are in different class as me......OH MY GOD!!!!! This better don't happen! May guan yin ma let us stick together whether they like it or not! *pray sincerely*! Things will be so much easier if i'm with them! Since i have know them for 5 years and also doing project together with them will make me soooooo secure! Moreover, i still have a 2 weeks camp on March....Imagine i'm all alone....OH MY GOSH....

The other thing that kind of concern me is what am i going to wear for my first day of poly? I know first impression is important but at the same time i want to be me! I love to dress up. But i can't be dressing up every single day because that's not me. I know for sure that first day of poly, i will not be wearing any make up. This is because i am a lazy person and i know i only will put make up on some days only! I prefer to show them my makeup-less face rather than scaring them when i have no makeup on on one day. Since you know, me having makeup on and no makeup on have a huge differences. 

Another thing, i am that kind of person that always repeat my outfit. So...yeah... pretty self explanatory because i have an amazing thing call washing machine and i don't have that much money to buy new clothes everyday. Okay, moving on to next thing that bothers me.

 I become really dumb when recognising streets, classroom, new place, faces, people, their name etc. I think i really will went missing when i am in poly on first few days of school....Like seriously no joke. People that have been going out with me know that i am a complete idiot when come to that. I have no sense of direction and things around me, honestly. 

I also worry about joining CCA.........CCA able to help my testimonial but the thing is, CCA always end so late! (especially the one i feel like joining)! Imagine me reaching home at about 11:30pm.......I just can't. :( 

There are still more things that worry me......But i kept telling myself to stop overthinking and treasure the time left before poly start. Thank you for reading this post and listening to me. I feel much better after saying it out! 
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