Thursday, March 26, 2015

About This Blogger Tag !

Hi everyone! I'm actually currently in school using library computer to blog. Everytime my father fetch me to school, i always arrived 30 minutes + early. Hence, i decided to use this time and blog! Also, my break time is too long, hence use this time to blog too. I also brought along my phone cable so i'm able to charge my phone while using this computer! Not bad right? One stone kill two birds :D. I always spend most of my time in the science laboratory and library. I feel so happy that i'm able to make use of my own time. Anyway, let's start the topic of this blog post! I actually came across this tag from bloglovin so i thought why not i try doing this tag too!

1) Why did you start blogging?

- I started blogging when i was in primary school because teachers ask us to create blog and write our journal/reflection in it. We actually need to visit teachers blog in order to write journal/reflection as we need to answer the questions on the teacher blog. It is part of our homework back then. Because of this, i slowly grew interest in blogging. But back then, i didn't really treat it seriously until when i was in secondary school because i figured out that i can vent my emotions, share my daily activities and to document my life on blog so that i'm able to read back and see how much i grew as a person and become more mature. I also enjoy reading hence i love to read other people blog too. Whether it is from the link from this blog or read from bloglovin.

2) What's the story behind your blog's name?

- I change my blog's name couple of time. But i finally stick to JiayouFann mainly because i stress out very easily and people often tell me jiayou Fann. Hence, i change to this name to help motivate me and encourage me to keep going and moving forward, constantly pushing myself and do what i want to do. Plus, it is easy for people to remember this name too. Moreover, most of my social media, i am using this name and i'm loving it! ;)

3) How many designs have you been through since you started blogging?

- I honestly can't remember because i change a lot, A LOT of times. I used to use design that already well made by other people but throughout the year, i figured out that blogging is a part of me, is a part of my life and i want to design my very own blog skin that nobody have. Hence, i started to do my own blog skin design that scream meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! For now, i will stick to this blog skin. But i know for sure it wills change in the near future because i tend to change up my blog skin a little throughout the year!

4) Have you ever switched blog platforms? What made you move? If you haven't ever changed, why?

- Nope, i have never ever switched blog platforms from the beginning until now, i have always been using and stick to blogger. However, i did thought about changing platform so that it become totally mine. But, that seemed like it wills not happen because firstly, it wills be a hassle and secondly, probably need a lot of money to do that and thirdly, i guess i am just not ready yet since changing something permanently is a big thing.

5) How long does it takes you to write a post? What's your post process be like?

- It actually depend on what post i am writing about. Normally within 1 day, provided i don't procrastinate.........i am able to complete writing a post. But of course there are days where i take days or weeks to complete a post. depends because i still need to edit my pictures and also read through my post to make sure there is minimal mistake. (Sorry that if you still see grammar mistake because home girl English not strong). I want to give my reader the best post if possible. I just want to say that a lot of effort is put in when writing a blog post.

Moving on to blogging process.
- Transfer the pictures from phone to computer.
- Save my pictures to thumbdrive, just in case it got lost. (I will cry if my pictures is lost)
- Choosing pictures to upload to this blog.
- Start editing my pictures.
- Plan on how to write and what to write.
- Then of course, write and post the pictures! (Must decide which pictures to upload first)
- Read through.

6) Have you ever been super nervous about a post? Why? What was it?

- As far as i can remember, i don't think i feel super nervous about a post. Maybe because mainly i am talking about my personal daily life and only mind my own business or maybe because i did not announce something big or blog about something that will concern about someone life.

7) Do you have a blogging schedule?

- To be honest, i tried to have a blogging schedule but i failed horribly. I just can't seem to follow because i am so busy with my poly life. (I know this is not an excuse). But, i did tried to blog at least once a week to keep you guys updated and don't let my blog to be so dead....I also tried to blog whenever i'm free. However, if i really cannot squeeze in the time to blog, i will not force myself because blogging is something i enjoy a lot and i don't want to make it as a chore. Plus, i want you guys to read something that i really put in my effort and not those anyhow anyhow post....If you get what i mean.

8) Do you tell people in Real-Life about your blog? Their reactions?

- Yes. I do tell people in real life about my blog. I mean blogging and reading other people blog is my hobby so i definitely will mention something that link to this topic. However, most of them does not even interested because they don't even read blog nor do they own a blog. So, since they are not interested, i won't force them and will not continue with this topic. 

9) Top 10 blogs you read / comment on the most.

- When i read people blog, i usually don't comment because i'm a creeper! Hahahaha!!! :P Those blog that i link on the left hand side of this blog, i usually read them and of course some popular blog post on bloglovin.

10) If you could change/improve things about your blog, what would they be?

- Hmmm..... I probably will change/ improve everything! But, if i change everything, it wills no longer be JiayouFann blog anymore..... So maybe i will stick to "improve"! Improve as the times go by.......and hopefully be more organise. :D 

Okay, that's all for this blog post! :D 
Bye :D 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 !

Time really pass by so quickly! So fast that i can't believe we are half way through March! To be honest, i like it when time pass by quickly because this mean you actually enjoy the process/yourself or maybe you just want to keep moving on. Decided to do a blog post since i am quite free even though i still need to do my TNS entry journal 3.... But whatever. Actually i want to blog about my PPP and T03 class but i figure out that will be taking a long long time because i am going to say what happen from the beginning to the end. Hence, i figure out i should blog about Chinese New Year first because it will be mostly pictures. I mean, there is nothing much for me to say about Chinese New Year. The same usual things like being an awkward person hiding at one corner and talk to nobody. I just want my ang bao.


This is the contact lens that i took ages to open. 

I really love the design on it. 

The night before binge eating mcdonald.....

Also did my nails!

See the contact lens design! So nice!! 

Lots of selfies because it is rare for me to put makeup and dress myself up.
You have been warn! 


End up never wear this floppy hat because grandmother don't like it.
Hence, i should listen to her.

Family: Love of my life, is my everything. They are always there to help me when i'm in trouble. 

The facial expression of my brother in this photo is priceless hahahaha!!!
He look so disgusted because i am disturbing him.
They take picture without me ehhhhh!!! 

Siblings: We fight, we quarrel. But we still love and care for each other. 

With my sister without fail ;) 

Parents: I want a relationship like them, it last forever :) 
Love how they joke about each other yet still care and filled with love.

My mum is really beautiful :)

Sorry ah! Have to see my face again. You have been warned. 
Crop away my legs because it is tooooo fat! 
2 months + never exercise liao sia.
Is a sign....


Tired! However, i still love Chinese New Year!
Good foods and more money :) 
That's all for this post :D 
Bye :D