Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 !

Time really pass by so quickly! So fast that i can't believe we are half way through March! To be honest, i like it when time pass by quickly because this mean you actually enjoy the process/yourself or maybe you just want to keep moving on. Decided to do a blog post since i am quite free even though i still need to do my TNS entry journal 3.... But whatever. Actually i want to blog about my PPP and T03 class but i figure out that will be taking a long long time because i am going to say what happen from the beginning to the end. Hence, i figure out i should blog about Chinese New Year first because it will be mostly pictures. I mean, there is nothing much for me to say about Chinese New Year. The same usual things like being an awkward person hiding at one corner and talk to nobody. I just want my ang bao.


This is the contact lens that i took ages to open. 

I really love the design on it. 

The night before binge eating mcdonald.....

Also did my nails!

See the contact lens design! So nice!! 

Lots of selfies because it is rare for me to put makeup and dress myself up.
You have been warn! 


End up never wear this floppy hat because grandmother don't like it.
Hence, i should listen to her.

Family: Love of my life, is my everything. They are always there to help me when i'm in trouble. 

The facial expression of my brother in this photo is priceless hahahaha!!!
He look so disgusted because i am disturbing him.
They take picture without me ehhhhh!!! 

Siblings: We fight, we quarrel. But we still love and care for each other. 

With my sister without fail ;) 

Parents: I want a relationship like them, it last forever :) 
Love how they joke about each other yet still care and filled with love.

My mum is really beautiful :)

Sorry ah! Have to see my face again. You have been warned. 
Crop away my legs because it is tooooo fat! 
2 months + never exercise liao sia.
Is a sign....


Tired! However, i still love Chinese New Year!
Good foods and more money :) 
That's all for this post :D 
Bye :D 

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