Saturday, March 7, 2015

Taobao Haul !

Hey yo!!! :D I have been wanting to do this post for a while but always didn't have the time to do it! Anyway, this parcel arrived before Chinese New Year if you are wondering and i didn't bought a lot. I apologise if the photos is a bit blurry and the lighting suck. Anyway, moving on~~

 This is all the items that i bought. 

 This heel actually cost $5 if i'm not wrong. 
Super love the details.
And i love how it is fuzzy inside :P 

Have been wanting a floppy hat for a while now.
And i finally bought it :D 

 They say this shoes is stylenanda inspired! 
And this is not cheap wor! I spend like $30 on this shoes! 
But it is worth it! 
I love this shoes more than any shoes now!
It is also fuzzy inside! :) 

 I always tell people that every lady have to have a simple basic tee.
And i finally bought mine!
White tee go well with anything and everything :) 
I love how it is not that sheer and a little cute pocket at the side which add a little some some ;) 

Sorry that the t-shirt does not look so appealing here. 
But i swear it is nice after i wash it.

Does it look "tumlr-ish" like this? :P
There is no such word as tumblr-ish anyway, i totally make that up but i know you get what i mean. 
Don't answer the question above because i don't wanna know.
Hahahahha! :D 
Bye :)

Thanks for reading :D 
Remember that i appreciate all my readers. 
And thank you all waiting patiently for my post :) 
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