Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#Throwback pictures / Family dinner :)

Hi human! Since today i have no school, i decided to make use of this time and blog! Yesterday was the end of my T03 class aka completing my 2 CDS and separation with my classmates......It was a really bittersweet memories.... Tomorrow, i will again mixing/meeting new friends and be in a total new environment. I am still adjusting the changes and trying to get used to an environment that constantly changing. Haiz... Anyway moving on to throwback pictures. 

I really love plants. 
Especially those plants that are indoor and does not need to water them regularly. 
And you can decorate them. 
I super love those and am still contemplating to buy them. 
However, they are super expensive. 
I just cannot bring myself to buy it. 

Okay, moving on to family dinner!

Eat before we go Tampines. 

This drink is bomb. 
After drinking, i really think that my diabetes level increase by X1000
No joke.
It was super sweet! But soooooo good!

This is the stalls!
Moving on after Tampines shopping

That's all for today blog post :) 
Bye :) 
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