Sunday, April 26, 2015

Busy Weekend

Hi human! Oh my god! Told myself that i should blog but i simply have no time! But decided to blog anyway to update you guys and probably took a rest before continuing my homework. So, i am still trying to adjust my poly life. I totally can see the big differences between poly and secondary school. Everything in poly really have to be independent. Some what similar to university. And tomorrow will be second week and oh my god....I already can feel the stress! But no worry....I am still trying to adjust myself for the new environment and hopefully i'm able to get used to it. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

12 Golden Duck Movie / Ah Boy to Men 3 - Frogmen Movie

Another blog post from me since i have no school today and decided to do something productive! So, i went Korean bbq with Lena, Rei Chi and Ziyun :) A lot of funny things happened! Especially the vegetable thingy that ZiYun did! OMG! Hahahahaha :D

So we watch 12 Golden Duck......I mean what movie you expect me to watch. Hahahahaha! Joking! 
i will rate this show 3/5
I mean it was really damn funny! 
I and ReiChi laugh until cannot laugh anymore.
Moreover, Luhan appear on the last scene.
However, the ending doesn't seem like the ending though.
My reaction was like, "Huh?! End already?! What kind of ending is this?"
Yup......The ending a bit....cui uh.

Moving on to different day as the movie. 
Went to watch Ah Boy to Men 3 with ZiYun and Gillian.
I rate it 4.5/5
It was damn funny and touching! 
I cried when LoBang catch his own mum :( 
Overall it was awesome.
After that we went to eat :D 
And took lots of photos because the lighting is super good.

My ugly shot hahahahaha! 

I should end here! BYE :D 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cinderella 2015 Movie

Hey yo human! So on 1st April 2015, i went out with ReiChi (birthday girl on that day), Lena, Gillian and ZiYun to Cineleisure and watched Cinderella 2015 :D. 


The only selfie i have on that day.
You just have those day that you try hard to look good but camera just don't want to cooperate. 

Cinderella, here we go !

Camwhoring in the toilet while waiting for ReiChi and Lena.
Super love the movie! I will totally give it 5/5! 
I really love Disney princesses show and hopefully they will film Snow White too! 
I cried 3 times while watching Cinderella. 
I cried when her mother died. 
I cried when her father died.
I cried when she cannot go to the ballroom.
Oh my god....It seems like every movie show i watch, i will definitely cry.
Overall the movie is simply awesome. 
Even though i already know the story but i am still amaze on how it was filmed.
The blue dress she wore to ballroom is damn freaking pretty! 
I'm really impressed on how they film it. Seriously.
Everything just look amazing.

After that group photos time! 

Took this photo when ZiYun is helping Lena and ReiChi taking their photo.
As you can see from the back :P 

Excuse my eyes! Oh my god. Freaking small that photoshop can't even help it.
After that, Lena and ReiChi leaves first. Hence ZiYun, Gillian and Fann decided to go shopping and check out the view at ION sky. 

Sorry for the sticker.
 I have to cover up some rubbish that some inconsiderate people put there. 

After that went to Sushi Tei :D 
However, still didn't order my Pino :( 
I was too full to order it. 

Ended off with our same usual drink :) 
I really enjoy myself and honestly, i love all those chit chatting.
As well as heart to heart talk. 
Even though mostly we talked about relationship because i am curious. Hahahaha! :D
 I really cannot see myself with someone else in the future.
All i see is living alone with my pets and my dream job :P
I really don't ask for more.
I actually have everything right now.
My family and my friends.
I am blessed of what i have now.
Even though if i have more money it will be even better....
But for now, i don't need more.
Just don't take it away from me.
Okay, maybe because i'm typing this at night hence more emotional.
Before my emotion get any weirder i should peace out now.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Me - Time Tag !

Hi human :D I am really sick and tired of updating about my poly life so i guess i should just stop my poly life update for a while and do this tag that i saw on one of Weylie video. Yes, this tag is meant for Youtubers but i don't care because i feel like doing it. Okay, let's proceed to the question.

1) What do you watch or read during me-time?

- Honestly, i watch youtube videos in my subscription box. Sometime kpop video especially their live and dance practice. I also read story book. The story book that i'm currently reading is Peter Robinson - Playing With Fire. This book is totally not my style but i'm interested in crime scene etc hence i pick this book up. Normally i tend to read book that is encouraging and inspiring such as Beautiful written by Katie Piper. Or sometime i will read abusive book such as Damaged written by Cathy Glass. Basically i love non-fictional book more.

2) What do you wear during me-time?

- Basically my pajamas! Huge T-shirt and short!

3) What are your me-time beauty products?

- Honestly, once in a while that will be sheet mask! Bird's Nest Mask by the brand My Beauty Diary is really awesome! My favourite sheet mask of all time. 

4) Current favourite nail polish?

- Honestly, i rarely put nail polish nowaday. But i realise the nail polish that i always go to is black colour. 

5) What do you eat/drink during me-time?

- Coffee and milk tea! I rarely drink hot chocolate nowaday..... nor eating tidbit or chocolate. 

6) Current favourite candle?

- I have no favourite candle. I hate to burn thing and the overwhelming smell is just not my thing.

7) Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

- I hope i have but....nope :( I actually really enjoy hiking.....and will want to try again. 

8) Would you ever go see a movie alone?

- I will go see a movie alone but i never try before yet. Maybe soon! 

9) Favourite online shop?

- Taobao! 

10) Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

- Hmmm....... Blog. Sleep too! Just realised my life is so boring hahahahaha! I prefer boring than sad thing happen. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Start Of My TP Journey

Hi human! I'm back! :D I know i know....I have been slacking off and didn't publish post on time! Anyway, i'm back now and i actually want to consider my Polytechnic Preparatory Programme (PPP) end but......There are 2 activities being pushed back so.........You get what i mean. Okay, throwback to 9, 10 and 13 February :)

9 February 2015 (Monday)
Welcome and Official Commencement of PPP

It was my first day of school and i remembered i reach school super early on that day to meet Gillian! I was super anxious and scared! After chatting with Gillian, i am quite relax but still scared! Hahahahaha!!! :D Okay, moving on. Since i don't know the place well and i have to find auditorium 3 alone, i have a Temasek Polytechnic (TP) map on my hand.....Yeah....feel like a tourist. Being a total blur sotong, i even ask people around just for auditorium 3 -.-. Luckily, a senior of direct school admission (DPA) student actually told me where is it so yeahhhhhh I'm not totally lost okay!!! So, we have to wait for everyone to reach then the PPP start! So, i went to the Applied Science line to register. Kind of happy when i received my matriculation card :P

Later on, I went into the auditorium with PPP booklet on my hand and my matriculation card. Sadly, i sit alone :( because i know no one and everyone have their own group of friends. After that, i listen to the speech such as introduction, overall schedule, knowing people and also DPA senior story. Then, i realised that the PPP booklet indicate my class and i am in class T03 which study transnational studies (TNS) and Japanese. After that, some of the group leader guide us out and then we start to eat and play games to know each other better. 

So yeah. 
Here is the photos. 

After playing games which was super fun, we also have campus tour so that we can familiarise the place faster. Then, the end :) 

10 February 2015 (Tuesday)
Leadership and Adventure Programme

I can't really remember anything except that this was the day where i get sunburned due to dragon boat but dragon boat is super fun! It was so fun that i want dragon boat as one of my CCA. Don't be shock!!! I haven choose CCA yet! Probably i will be CCA-less as i can't really manage my time well.

After that, we wait for some of our classmates who volunteer to help keep the dragon boat :) After that went to change into a dry clothes and eat lunch :). Then later we played Treasure Hunt. :) I group with Jason, Syimah, Aik Wee, Audrey and Yasmin :) 

After treasure hunt, home sweet home :) 

DPA students :) 

13 February 2015 (Friday)
Team Bonding Programme

I swear i only remember moment really well..... gosh...I have the worse memory.... Anyway, as usual i can't remember what happen except for the activities. I don't even remember the activities name.... oh my god...So i am going to try my best and describe okay! Hahahaha! :P So we play a game kind of similar to treasure hunt. We have clue and we need to find the places and do some tasks and write down the answers. That day i group with Syimah, Yasmin and Jeremiah :) After that, we played a game as a class. We also need to do some challenges as a class in order to get close to another class which was our enemy. Then we have water bomb to bomb other class. In the end, our class lose.....However.......the instructor said that we have the least bomb due to the previous treasure hunt alike game (our class point is low so least bomb) , so we have the advantage to bomb other class with more water bomb that they provided. But as a class, we discussed. And our conclusion is we bomb ourselves. When we bomb ourselves, everyone was so surprised/shocked we did that! Hahahaha! :P 

After that, we went to eat as a class :) Photo taken when some of them left though :( 

Here is the end of the fun time in poly :)
I will blog about Cross Disciplinary Experience soon which is to study our Cross Disciplinary Subjects which is Transnational Studies and Japanese. Yes, after those 3 days, we officially need to study like crazy :) 
So, that's all for now :) Bye !