Thursday, April 16, 2015

12 Golden Duck Movie / Ah Boy to Men 3 - Frogmen Movie

Another blog post from me since i have no school today and decided to do something productive! So, i went Korean bbq with Lena, Rei Chi and Ziyun :) A lot of funny things happened! Especially the vegetable thingy that ZiYun did! OMG! Hahahahaha :D

So we watch 12 Golden Duck......I mean what movie you expect me to watch. Hahahahaha! Joking! 
i will rate this show 3/5
I mean it was really damn funny! 
I and ReiChi laugh until cannot laugh anymore.
Moreover, Luhan appear on the last scene.
However, the ending doesn't seem like the ending though.
My reaction was like, "Huh?! End already?! What kind of ending is this?"
Yup......The ending a bit....cui uh.

Moving on to different day as the movie. 
Went to watch Ah Boy to Men 3 with ZiYun and Gillian.
I rate it 4.5/5
It was damn funny and touching! 
I cried when LoBang catch his own mum :( 
Overall it was awesome.
After that we went to eat :D 
And took lots of photos because the lighting is super good.

My ugly shot hahahahaha! 

I should end here! BYE :D 

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