Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wild Wild Wet :D

Hi human! I'm back once again! Just realise i have so many things to write! Mostly throw back! Can't wait for my term break to come so i'm able to write/edit/publish my post frequently and try to keep this blog up to date! Anyway, i went Wild Wild Wet with LingLi about one month back and this was my first time going/playing at Wild Wild Wet. The reason we went was because she have NTUC card and those who have NTUC card able to go in for free. Hence, our tickets was free! Thanks LingLi!!! :D Anyway, we stayed at Wild Wild Wet the whole day and it was really fun even though most of the time i'm just scared i drown because i have no idea how to swim. Seriously, one of the things that i want to learn is actually swimming because i really enjoy water activities and the whole time i am so envy that LingLi know how to swim! Hahahaha!!! And all the time she was beside me which made me feel a little bit safer because just in case i drown, she able to save me hahahahaha!!! :D We actually played all the activities/rides except "Slide Up" because we were not strong enough to carry the boat thingy to the top....Which kind of sad....but it's okay :) . My favourite rides will be "Ular-lah" and "Shiok River". Actually the first ride we played the most scarier one which was "Torpedo" and it was not too bad! After playing all the rides, we got tired and stayed in "Professor-playground" and let the big bucket water hit us multiple times. :P. Oh and also chatting :) 

After that, we went to shower and thanks LingLi once again for lending me her shampoo! 
Oh, and the toilet i'm using to shower actually flooded oh my god.
But it's okay! I survived!
Anyway, funny things happened. 
So, when we played "Torpedo", they actually don't allow accessories and glasses whatsoever. Hence, we need to use the small lockers to put our keys, my glasses and our accessories. 
But we ended up cannot open the lockers after the rides. 
For some reason, the lockers just won't open and we freaking sure our password is correct. 
Ended up, we have to find the incharge to actually help us open TWICE for the lockers because we use separate lockers not knowing that we cannot bring the key up to play the "Torpedo". 
Aiya, i know i explained until really blur so the main point was the lockers won't freaking open and we have to spend time finding the incharge. 
The whole process was just freaking funny hahahahaha!!!! Oh my god! 
And also, I got stuck in the middle when i was playing "The Water Works" that are covered. 
I think is because the water is not enough for me to slide down but ended up.
I survived! No worries! 
After that we went to eat Subway.
Healthy uh, i know.
But i ruin the healthiness by buying 3 subway double chocolate chip cookies. 

After that, home sweet home :D
Dead tired after Wild Wild Wet! 
Hope i'm able to go again and play :D 
Bye readers, have a nice day! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Glocal Connect Village (GCV) Apartment tour :D

Hi human! I have been wanting to write this post and i finally got time to write! Actually i have no time but i figure out i need to rest too so why not do something productive! Anyway, i actually want to combine this post with Transnational studies (TNS) post but i think it will be too lengthy....Hence, i write it solo. When i took TNS as one of my Cross Disciplinary Subject (CDS), i know that i have to live in GCV. I am really scared because this is my first time living with someone i'm not close with (We only know each other for a few weeks)  and i have no idea how the apartment look like as i can't find any pictures on the internet. Moreover, i have to live there for 2 weeks. Hence, i figure out why not i take some pictures and do a apartment tour so i can help out TP student that take TNS as one of their CDS and allow them to know how the apartment look like. So here is the pictures :D 

The keys and the card :D 

The living room. 

Beside the living room is our dining table. 



Kitchen too. Have another exit door.



Beside the exit door have another empty room. 

2 bathroom

Nicole and Jessalin bedroom. 
My bedroom is beside them.

My room! I choose to sleep alone.

My bedroom view!

Nicole and Jessalin bedroom.

Syimah and Kelly bedroom.
Their bedroom is located beside the bathroom.

This is how wardrobe look like....duh.


The view.

So, that's all! I hope this post help you!

PS: This is how the apartment i live in look like. 
Yours might look similar except maybe position change. 
The apartment is quite dirty since i don't think anyone go in there to tidy up.
Our bathroom drain even clog up with lots of hair and we have to ask someone to help us. 
One of our bathroom toilet bowl spoiled because it cannot flush.
The kitchen is really empty. You have to bring your own utensil and everything you need to use.
The bed is awful because it was super hard.
Other than that, everything is not too bad :) 
They have air-con and fan in the room which is a plus! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rainie Yang Event :D

Hi human :D Can't sleep due to me having headache! Hence, decided to wake up and do something productive :P. Anyway, this is my first time going Rainie Yang event.....In fact, this is my first event i ever go in my whole entire life! Hahahaha!!! All thanks to Li Wen! 

So, we met for breakfast first :D 

Li Wen brought her dad camera and omg....
How i wish i have one to capture beautiful images :( 

Pictures below is me capture using my phone! So the quality is not that great though...
But i still want to share :) 

Rainie is freaking pretty like seriously. Her face is damn small somemore! 
What i really jealous is still her voice though! Hahahaha :D 
I actually film her singing but i haven edited that video yet :P 
But the video is shaky though so i'm considering upload to Youtube or nah. 

After that, return to my house and study together. 
Plus choosing Rainie pictures that Li Wen took! 
That's all for now! 
Bye :) 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

School Week :D

Greeting everyone :D I'm back with a new post! :D The title is School Week meaning i will be talking about my life from Monday to Thursday where i have school! So yes....I basically blog everyday but never post it because i want to accumulate each day post. :) So let's start! :D 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Woke up at 6:30am today. Feeling super blessed that i didn't have stomachache in the bus. Last week experience of having stomachache in the bus was horrible! I have to force myself not to shit on my pant and i run super fast when i reach TP to do big be exact, i'm having diarrhoea. Okay back to today. So, i meet my poly friends, Sandra and Kimberly at the bus stop and as usual, i'm late :( . So we quickly went to find our classroom and luckily we found it! Moving on to having subway for lunch and went to the library to study and do homework. Oh! Also, to print some notes. Anyway, saw Shirley at subway!! She look so cute with her bang! Okay, moving on! I have been really tired in school and i feel super piss at myself for forgetting to pass up my FAS form. However, the journey back home, one stranger/grandma make my day! She actually tap on my back smiling and ask me to sit down. Out of all people, she only call me to sit down! I feel super touch and happy :D. Thank you for this random stranger/grandma for making my day better! :) And you are soooo cute! It actually reminded me of my own grandma :D It really amaze me how this small little gesture actually make my day :) Feeling blessed :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Went to school as usual. Nothing much happen today except lecture, lecture and more lecture and tutorial. School is boring like hell and honestly i can't catch up with what i learnt. It getting more and more difficult. Life for me have been really hectic. But still, feeling really blessed that i reach home before it rains heavily! Anyway, tomorrow have to stay in school until really late because i am going to Haunted Crime Scene!!!!! Super looking forward to it but at the same time quite scared because i have never been to haunted house before! Heard that we have to solve crime inside too! Sound fun! Hope nothing happen to me though because i actually got scared really easily! Hahahahahaa!! I have been coughing lately......Not good! Have a feeling that i'm going to fall sick soon...

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Yesterday night sleep freaking early and today i feel blessed that i able to wake up late too! Finally a day with enough sleep! School actually start in the afternoon but because Friday is labour day, the maths tutorial shift to today morning :(. Luckily it starts at 10am instead of 8am or 9am and my dad is fetching me to school!!!! Yayyy!!! :D Feeling blessed! Anyway, school is boring as usual. Queue for a T-shirt for 45 minutes and the line never move at all! Ended up giving up because i have to go to my lecture! Moving on to exciting part of the day! Haunted Crime Scene today! I was really scared, no joke. My heart is pounding when we queue to go in and we are the second group!  Anyway, since Sandra and Xin Yi and me going in so meaning only 3 people.... Hence, they ask a guy who also incharge of this game went in with us because it was not good to have odd number going in. Anyway, the Haunted Crime Scene was not too bad. I wish the haunted route can be a bit longer though because about 45 minutes, we already finish everything! The crime is easy though....You just have to get the answer from the ghost! Getting answer from the ghost is hard but you just have to sweet talk. Not my style but i still did it. One of the conversation is super funny. 
Fann: Hi, may i know who are you?
Ghost: Why should i tell you?
Fann: Because you look handsome :)
Ghost: Thank you thank you! :)
LOL this is the conversation. And the guy that went in with us actually laughed! But ended up, we never get the prize due to incomplete task because we never finish every questions thinking that as long as we answered one question per person, we will get the prize. Nonetheless, i enjoy myself! Our conversation with the ghost is freaking funny! I was quite amaze we never scream at all. In fact, we are so calm.......or maybe we act calm. One problem though, the place is super dark and i have slightly night blindness... Hence i can't see the first few stations due to my eyes slow at meaning i can't see....Overall not too bad. Before we go in, they actually ask us to wear a funny looking cardboard glasses....Once i wear it, i totally know why. It blocks your side view so you only can look straight!! What a clever idea! So the ghost can scared from your side! Not bad! Forget to mention that the ghost that lead us up the stair is super funny! Even one of the TP confession on twitter, someone mention that! Overall, really not bad :) I will definitely go again actually! And the last station, where the 2 ghost school girls scream is daebak! 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Today isn't too bad. Feel really really sick and tired. Lab was canceled so i'm able to go home early and rest, Actually want to meet Li Wen and go eat with her since we haven't meet each other in a really long time. Plus, she coming to TP for netball match! But me losing my voice and feeling really horrible, i told her i can't make it for dinner :( Funny thing happen, i text her, call her and line her to tell her that i can't make it so that she can go back to school with her school bus. But she not answering and i freaking panic attack! I even went to find her just so i can see her and told her personally but i can't find her. I really worried that she misses her bus back to her school so i started to spam call her. Luckily she make it to the bus!!!Phew!~ So we rearrange the date to meet and i'm looking forward to it!!! :D After back home, i just eat, shower and sleep. Sick day is never awesome. :( 

PS: I still have a lot of photos need to be edited and a lot of posts have to publish! Trying to make time for it though because currently, my weekend mainly is for my homework and revision ;(