Sunday, May 17, 2015

Glocal Connect Village (GCV) Apartment tour :D

Hi human! I have been wanting to write this post and i finally got time to write! Actually i have no time but i figure out i need to rest too so why not do something productive! Anyway, i actually want to combine this post with Transnational studies (TNS) post but i think it will be too lengthy....Hence, i write it solo. When i took TNS as one of my Cross Disciplinary Subject (CDS), i know that i have to live in GCV. I am really scared because this is my first time living with someone i'm not close with (We only know each other for a few weeks)  and i have no idea how the apartment look like as i can't find any pictures on the internet. Moreover, i have to live there for 2 weeks. Hence, i figure out why not i take some pictures and do a apartment tour so i can help out TP student that take TNS as one of their CDS and allow them to know how the apartment look like. So here is the pictures :D 

The keys and the card :D 

The living room. 

Beside the living room is our dining table. 



Kitchen too. Have another exit door.



Beside the exit door have another empty room. 

2 bathroom

Nicole and Jessalin bedroom. 
My bedroom is beside them.

My room! I choose to sleep alone.

My bedroom view!

Nicole and Jessalin bedroom.

Syimah and Kelly bedroom.
Their bedroom is located beside the bathroom.

This is how wardrobe look like....duh.


The view.

So, that's all! I hope this post help you!

PS: This is how the apartment i live in look like. 
Yours might look similar except maybe position change. 
The apartment is quite dirty since i don't think anyone go in there to tidy up.
Our bathroom drain even clog up with lots of hair and we have to ask someone to help us. 
One of our bathroom toilet bowl spoiled because it cannot flush.
The kitchen is really empty. You have to bring your own utensil and everything you need to use.
The bed is awful because it was super hard.
Other than that, everything is not too bad :) 
They have air-con and fan in the room which is a plus! 
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