Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rainie Yang Event :D

Hi human :D Can't sleep due to me having headache! Hence, decided to wake up and do something productive :P. Anyway, this is my first time going Rainie Yang event.....In fact, this is my first event i ever go in my whole entire life! Hahahaha!!! All thanks to Li Wen! 

So, we met for breakfast first :D 

Li Wen brought her dad camera and omg....
How i wish i have one to capture beautiful images :( 

Pictures below is me capture using my phone! So the quality is not that great though...
But i still want to share :) 

Rainie is freaking pretty like seriously. Her face is damn small somemore! 
What i really jealous is still her voice though! Hahahaha :D 
I actually film her singing but i haven edited that video yet :P 
But the video is shaky though so i'm considering upload to Youtube or nah. 

After that, return to my house and study together. 
Plus choosing Rainie pictures that Li Wen took! 
That's all for now! 
Bye :) 

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