Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wild Wild Wet :D

Hi human! I'm back once again! Just realise i have so many things to write! Mostly throw back! Can't wait for my term break to come so i'm able to write/edit/publish my post frequently and try to keep this blog up to date! Anyway, i went Wild Wild Wet with LingLi about one month back and this was my first time going/playing at Wild Wild Wet. The reason we went was because she have NTUC card and those who have NTUC card able to go in for free. Hence, our tickets was free! Thanks LingLi!!! :D Anyway, we stayed at Wild Wild Wet the whole day and it was really fun even though most of the time i'm just scared i drown because i have no idea how to swim. Seriously, one of the things that i want to learn is actually swimming because i really enjoy water activities and the whole time i am so envy that LingLi know how to swim! Hahahaha!!! And all the time she was beside me which made me feel a little bit safer because just in case i drown, she able to save me hahahahaha!!! :D We actually played all the activities/rides except "Slide Up" because we were not strong enough to carry the boat thingy to the top....Which kind of sad....but it's okay :) . My favourite rides will be "Ular-lah" and "Shiok River". Actually the first ride we played the most scarier one which was "Torpedo" and it was not too bad! After playing all the rides, we got tired and stayed in "Professor-playground" and let the big bucket water hit us multiple times. :P. Oh and also chatting :) 

After that, we went to shower and thanks LingLi once again for lending me her shampoo! 
Oh, and the toilet i'm using to shower actually flooded oh my god.
But it's okay! I survived!
Anyway, funny things happened. 
So, when we played "Torpedo", they actually don't allow accessories and glasses whatsoever. Hence, we need to use the small lockers to put our keys, my glasses and our accessories. 
But we ended up cannot open the lockers after the rides. 
For some reason, the lockers just won't open and we freaking sure our password is correct. 
Ended up, we have to find the incharge to actually help us open TWICE for the lockers because we use separate lockers not knowing that we cannot bring the key up to play the "Torpedo". 
Aiya, i know i explained until really blur so the main point was the lockers won't freaking open and we have to spend time finding the incharge. 
The whole process was just freaking funny hahahahaha!!!! Oh my god! 
And also, I got stuck in the middle when i was playing "The Water Works" that are covered. 
I think is because the water is not enough for me to slide down but ended up.
I survived! No worries! 
After that we went to eat Subway.
Healthy uh, i know.
But i ruin the healthiness by buying 3 subway double chocolate chip cookies. 

After that, home sweet home :D
Dead tired after Wild Wild Wet! 
Hope i'm able to go again and play :D 
Bye readers, have a nice day! 


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