Monday, June 15, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie :D

Hey Pitches! Hahahahaha!!!! See what i did there :P. Anyway, since Li Wen have been waiting for my Pitch Perfect 2 movie post hence i guess i should just publish this post first :D 

Super excited even though i have school that day! 

Watched this with ZiYun :D
I will rate this 5/5. 
It was super nice i'm not even kidding.
Their musics just make my body automatically move :D 
Super love! I don't know rewatch pitch perfect 1 and 2 how many times liao :P 
Especially when they went to the camp and sing cup song together....I can feel that connection OMG!
And then i tear up when they perform their last performance with the past Bella :')
Ahhhh!!! My emotion should maintain :') 
Overall it was super awesome!
 I swear!  
Flashlight is my jam right now. 
How i wish the Bella group able to cover the whole song! 

Since our school release early that day. 
We went to eat fried chicken and fried sweet potato to kill time as our movie start much later :D 

We also bought a lot of tidbit :P 

Reached home!
My mood was super good that day :D 

Anyway, i know this is no link to this post but anybody know where i can buy this sweet?
My mum love this sweet yet i can't find it anywhere! 
Anyway, thanks for reading :)
Have a nice day :) 
Bye :) 

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