Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sea Aquarium ~

Guys! I'm finally back with another post! Yesterday mark the end of my mid semester test hence meaning my holiday officially start today! This mean more blog posts :D Glad to be back here blogging again. I miss blogging so damn much! The past few days have been really hectic for me and i barely even have more than 3 hours of sleep every single day. Anyway, today woke up early because i have to choose CDS. Hopefully, i'm able to get the subjects i want. Anyway, i have been editing this photos from yesterday until this morning so meaning there are a lot of photos in this post. So keep on reading!

So, i went Sea Aquarium with ZiYun, LingLi and Gillian and this was my first time going Sea Aquarium and i'm pretty excited about it. ZiYun actually went online and print the entry tickets so it was cheaper! ;) We also took the Sentosa train to Sentosa. :D The views is seriously breathtaking. I love nature :D 

Aiya, kind of sad that Merlion is not in the shot :( 
Entry to Sea Aquarium. 
Kind of confuse at first because i never see any fishes.
But then later on i did. :P
I will let the photos speak itself.

I will totally ride that camel if i'm allow to. 


This is my favourite :D That kid so cute!!! :D 

I feel that this fish can be comedian :P
Like you can totally put meme at the side.
"Hey, what's you doing?"
"What's up!"
"What you looking at?"
"Argh, bitch! Ewww"
Hahahahahaa!! I should stop....

So chill.......Can i be a fish?

I want to learn how to swim so i can dive! 

Can you believe this crab is vegetarian?! OMG!

Went to touch the starfish and shark skin :D 

Kind of shock that the Sea Aquarium was quite short.
We even plan to go else where but end up never and went to eat. 

Don't ever order Kimchi baked rice. Not nice at all! 

When even the soft toy is taller than you......:( 
After that home sweet home. 

Sometime i just have to look at my surrounding more often.
It's beautiful. :)
I appreciate that :) 
Thanks for reading :D 
Bye :) 


Candies said...

Wah wtf. Who's that chiobu?? Hahahaha

Fann said...

Oh my god! Hahahahaha!!!! It is rare of you to comment my post!!! :P @candies