Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Unfriended movie

Hey guys! :D I have been wanting to watch Unfriended for a really long time ever since i saw the trailer been shared to twitter multiple times. So, i finally watched it with ZiYun and LingLi! :D I would say it was not that scary but definitely will be scary if it's really happening in real life. Anyway, i will rate this movie 3.8/5. I mean i don't really like how it films but i think that's the only way to film though.....I really love the storyline, the plot. It was interesting, definitely. And the ways they die was interesting too. 

After movie, this is what we eat :D It was damn nice! 

This is super nice omgggggggggg!!!!!! Crave for it!

This is the bill! 

Actually we want to eat ice cream with churro but since we were quite full and decided to order this and share!

The bill! 
So yup! This was how i spend one of my day :D 
Have a nice day ahead :D
Bye !

PS: Went shopping with sister yesterday. Meaning, a haul post will be coming up soon! 

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