Thursday, July 2, 2015

Life Update

Hi human! I'm sorry for not blogging for about 1 week plus......I apologise! Hahahaha! School start last week but this week is E-learning so meaning me staying home all day everyday!!!! YAY!!! :D Anyway, the reason for me not updating this space often is not because i was busy.....It was because my time management suck like hell. Last week, i didn't do much. Go school and go home. Last week lessons is all about starting new chapter, learning new stuffs and giving back my tests paper. To be honest, i didn't score well but i don't blame anyone because i am the one that not studying hard enough complain. 

This week E-learning and i just started doing my E-learning stuffs on Wednesday....Except Effective Communication as one of the homework is to upload video to Youtube about self introduction by Tuesday. Hence, i did that homework first. Anyway, I got so paranoid when i see that i have to upload video on youtube because it's been a long time since i upload a video....I got so paranoid that i create a new email, create a new youtube account just for that homework. And i private all my videos from my old youtube account which i will still use in the near future, no worries. It's just that......I don't feel comfortable allowing my classmates to see it for some reason that i don't even know. Maybe i'm just scared that they will judge me? Hahahaha!!! I probably overthink but better be safe than sorry. Moving on, You guys have no idea how hard it is for me to upload video to youtube. It took me for over 7 hours to upload a freaking 2 minutes plus youtube videos. Since, i filmed at midnight because house will be quiet and my internet is freaking slow, hence i did not sleep at all waiting for it to upload so i can post it on time!!!!!! Moreover. i doing projects with my poly friends on Monday and Tuesday in school....Monday i woke up at 10am and i didn't sleep at all until Tuesday evening. Luckily, my poly friends is quite efficient and our project is finally done within 2 to 3 days! Loving the poster that we all did together! I will post a picture here after we and other class pass up :)  

Moving on to things that really bothered me lately is having stomachache everyday early in the morning. It is like hell for me especially when i have to go school in the morning. Gosh....I didn't even have this issues in the past! What's wrong now??? Gosh. I also need to start get my shit together and stop procrastinating.
I should study and do homework.
I should blog more.
I should read more.
I should workout more.
Somehow i feel like i didn't live my life to the fullest recently.....

Anyway, On Wednesday which is yesterday. I and Gillian went ZiYun house since we are watching Annabelle movie at her house. Honestly, i don't understand why people buy scary looking dolls or dolls in general and a freaking rocking chair and lullaby music thingy. Not only it is a waste of money and it is fucking creepy. Annabelle movie to be honest is not that scary but.....It is true story that happening in real life....................So it is scary! Really really scary. It was actually quite touching when the bookstore auntie jump down the building to help them. :'(

Okay, it's late right now. I should sleep. 
Thanks for reading this whole crap.....
I will be back with a new post....Hopefully soon :)
Bye :)  

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