Sunday, August 16, 2015

Life Updates Again!

Hey human! :D So currently i'm procrastinating because i am suppose to study for my end of year semester exam on study week....But here i am........updating you guys with my life. I have been sick for the past few days.... Vomiting and having diarrhoea....Just feeling horrible. The fact that i'm missing out a lot in school and lie on bed doing nothing just made me feel........horrible and useless. But anyway, i kind of recover now.... Still a bit unwell but at least i can do something. 

Moving on~

I have finally re-dye my hair! By the way, as you guys reading this, my root already growing back. I re-dye my hair long time ago because of my root but i always don't have the time to tell you guys. I went to my mum friend house and dye my hair. She is experienced so don't you worry. A lot of people go her house and have a haircut. :)

This is my hair now! Sorry, the mirror is dirty. 

Anyway, i promise before on my blog that i will show you guys our Biomolecules project. 
So here it is!

I actually really like it.
But i don't think the teachers like it though because the whole class get good result except our group got average mark. 
Feeling really disappointed and sad at first but.....well nevermind.
At least our group try our best. 
So i guess i should stop here.
I promise after my exam, i will be back with a new post. 
I have a lot of posts coming up. 
Oh yeah! I actually want to upload video on my Youtube channel again.
But i have no idea what to upload.
Not going to upload vlog because i failed at vloging. 
So if you guys have any suggestions please let me know.
I was thinking about doing a song cover since that's what i do at the very beginning.
But....I don't know. 
I shall see....
So that's all!
Bye :D 

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