Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fann's Work Life (Part 3: Go indepth)

Hey! I promise in the past that if i no longer work in that store, i will blog indepth about some incident that happen to me when working. Sorry that this blog post is kind of late....actually really late. But it's better late than never post right? :P

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So, here is the Fann's work life part 3 :)

The Lucky Incident

One day i was working, there was this customer that told me she want this particular cup. So, i went to find the cup intended to give her the new one instead of the display one. Unfortunately, the display cup is the last one. Hence, i told her that the display one is the last one. At first, i thought she wouldn't want it....I mean there's a small chance people will want the display set because it was dirty. But she is really nice. She told me she will just get the display cup. So, i take the display cup thinking that the lid stick to the cup with tape.....But apparently it isn't and the lid fall off and broke! Oh my god! I was super panic at that time. I apologised to her that i accidentally broke the cup lid and asking her if she want other cup design rather than this. She being really nice once again told me it's okay! She say she only want the cup anyway and don't want the lid so it doesn't affect her. I told her maybe that i can ask my manager and see if she can get a discount since the lid broke and she get the display set. Fortunately, i am allowed to give her 50% discount. After the customer was about to leave, she actually thank me for breaking the lid so she can have the discount!!!! LOL! So i jokingly told her if she want to treat me coffee and she was like you want? I can buy for you! Oh my god seriously! Hahahahaha! How i wish there were more customer like her. It can make our work life much easier.

The Cheapskate

As i work near Christmas day, that day was super busy! There was this particular customer that was super cheapskate. I serve her that day and she was choosing items in our shop....well duh! And then she told me if i got any recommendation, the cheapest items in our shop. In my mind, i was thinking to myself that our shop doesn't really have any cheap stuffs. But then as a sale person i can't say that. So i say calendars, pens and notebooks. She told me those sound cheap and she don't want it. Since she is buying gifts to give to her work colleagues as Christmas exchange gift. So i recommend cups. While serving her, she also complained to me about how this exchange gift programmed on Christmas was so stupid and troublesome. So finally, she chose a couple cups that was on offer since it was a display set and no new one. When i help her put it in the couple box ( a big box that put 2 cups), she actually don't want it and ask me to put it in separate box. And i can't do that because the couple box is for this cups and i cannot use other box to put those so i said cannot because there were no specific individual box for this couple cups. Then she got angry and annoyed and say that she bought this couple cup is to give 2 different individual colleagues!! Oh my god.....i literally almost roll my eyes...Luckily i didn't.  So anyway, i ask manager to settle it because she won't listen to me. But end up, she still use that couple box because no choice. She still demanded the plastic bag have to be hard plastic ( Our shop have 2 plastic bag material. One is soft and other is hard. Normally people purchase more than $50 we will put it in the hard plastic bag ) so i gave her the hard one without her purchasing for more than $50. And then manager saw and tell me that i shouldn't gave her that but seriously, she demanded so much and she is going to explode if you don't want to give her the hard plastic bag. Honestly, i never see such a cheapskate before....Luckily she's not my mum.

The Complain

This was my first time receiving complain from a customer. And it was a miscommunication. WTF. Anyway, there was this customer want to buy a photo frame. Hence, i took new photo frame for her instead of the display set. And she said that the box was not in good condition. So i told her that this brand of photo frame, all of their packaging is not in good condition. Then she said something like then how? Blah blah blah then after that we talked about boxes and i told her that she can purchase boxes from our shop since we do sell them. Suddenly, she explode.....wtf saying something like what?! Buy your item still need buy boxes blah blah blah. Then ended up is a miscommunication about the boxes thingy. Wtf. Argh. What she meant is the packaging and what i meant is she can purchase boxes from our shop if she want to put it in boxes as gift. The customer "always" right is bullshiting. Just saying. Can the customer be more patience??? Think about it just making me pissed.

The Good Customer

There was this customer not only make my day happier but also her day happier. So i was serving this elderly and apparently instead of speaking dialect, she speak Chinese. So she was buying some pens and i helped her to check if the pens have ink. And we also talk quite a bit. After she paid, out of curiosity i ask her if she is from Taiwan and i also compliment her voice being soft and sweet ( It's the truth though, i love her voice). Suddenly, she laugh and said i made her day! Awww... That's make me really happy! But she said she was not from Taiwan. I can't remember where she's from.....I probably did wrote on my blog before but well....If more customers like her, we, as a sale person will be in much better mood and make our job a lot easier. 

So that's all for this blog post. Bye :)

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