Thursday, September 17, 2015

Haw Par Villa

On 9th August 2015, Sunday. I went out with my family to Haw Par Villa and Botanic Garden. Since i know this will be a long post filled with photos. I decided to separate into 2 posts. Hence, this post will be about Haw Par Villa. The last time i went there probably when i was about 5 years old? But amazingly i remember everything! Yes, EVERYTHING! I know who i took pictures with and i know how it looks like exactly. I have pretty good memory back then....Now, not anymore. Anyway, i am the one that requested to go Haw Par Villa. So, my family decided to go together :) Memories indeed :) It didn't change much.....Except that dragon on the entrance disappear :( I remember when going into the hell gates, we need to sit on the boat and into the dragon mouth....But that disappear. I looking back at old photos, some of the photos is impossible to take anymore as it was blocked. But anyway, i still have fun :) Here is the photos :D 

I present to you my family :D 

Candid :D 

What petite people can do!

Favourite picture of my parents.

My dad damn step hahahaha!!! 

Give me the banana!!!!

My brother face is gold in this picture! So gay ! Hahahaha!!!
I still love him though :)

My dad face !! hahahahaha! :D

Step! :P

That's all for this post! 
Stay tune for the Botanic Garden post :D 

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