Sunday, September 13, 2015

Legal Birthday :D

Hey everyone :D As you guys may or may not know that 30th July is my birthday :D So i celebrated my birthday at school (totally not expecting that) and at home. So, i'm finally legal!!!!! :D Still haven drink my apple cider beer though! I have been wanting to try that for the longest time! Hopefully soon! 

So...................................ZiYun and Gillian actually bought cake and presents for me!!! Ahhhh! Okay, i was expecting presents to be honest because i saw them going out without me on snapchat :( . Then when the day came, i saw ZiYun holding cake from a far and i was like......Is that for me???? Hahahahhaa! :D This was my second time celebrating birthday in school with friends! The first time is during secondary school, Claire (bandmates :D) they all actually went out and bought cake for me and celebrate before band practice start :D Ahhh....I really miss secondary school time! 

Oreo Cheesecake :D Just when i crave for it that day :D 

3 animals mask and 1 nail polish :D 
Thank you ZiYun and Gillian :D

Thank you Kimberly for the cupcake too :D 

Photographers in action!

I am really scared of fire guys omg.

I guess that's all!
Didn't do much on my birthday though because i have school until quite late!
It's alright!
I still enjoy myself! :D 
Thank you everyone for your wishes :D 
I appreciate it and truly feel blessed and grateful for everything :)
Bye :D 

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