Sunday, September 6, 2015

Xcape With Friends :D

Hey human! So on 11 July 2015, Saturday, Ziyun, Gillian, ReiChi, Lena and Fann aka me went to Bugis Village together because i booked Xcape online which start at 4:15pm. But since we must go early to filled in some forms, we meet kind of early! So, we decided to take bus instead of MRT because we all have bus concession. However, that's also mean that the route is very long. Ended up we kind of miss the stop (If i'm not wrong) and also i need to pee really badly so we got down the bus! Luckily the bus-stop is near the toilet! Phew! And then we initially want to take a taxi because we were running late but a lot of taxi driver rejected fetching 5 person so.......we think that it was a waste of time to hail a taxi hence we ran to MRT and take MRT instead because we are almost late and the person that work in Xcape actually call me to confirm if i'm going. Oh, and something happened on the MRT. So i was scanning my card to go into the MRT and this China lady actually go in with me. Meaning, she use my card in order to go into the MRT because she don't have a card! OMG! But anyway, since i was running late so i don't really care anyway! So we continue to run. And guys, i normally don't run....and i ran. Trophy to me please! Hahahaha! :D So, we manage to reached on time. Filled in some form, pay money and put all our stuffs in the locker that they provided. I didn't take any pictures inside the room because we cannot bring anything. 

So this is the room that we played. If you want to play this room, i will recommend you not to read on because i think i'm going to spoil it accidentally. 
They will gave you 2 torch light and 1 UV light. 
Honestly, i think they should give more torchlight though. 
Anyway, we failed to get out of the room because we are running out of time.
I was kind of sad because we were already in the last room! The exit door just right infront of me but we need to unlock the password.
So, the room is actually not that scary except for the music and a door.
But that door, i didn't get scared though because when i shine the torchlight at the door i actually saw something and i told Ziyun about it. So ended up, we never go near the door.
Since ReiChi, Lena and Gillian doesn't know, they actually screamed when they open the door.
Okay, it look like i didn't really spoil anything. 
So, moving on. 

Of course must take pictures with Xcape :D
It was really fun though! 
I recommend everyone to try it out. 
After that, we went to eat dinner! 

The end product!!!!
Me, Ziyun, Lena and ReiChi share this.
I posted this picture on snapchat and so many people ask me where is it.
Anyway, it was at Bugis Junction Mall.
The shop called Yoogane and it is located at 02-47/48

While Gillian eat this! 
This was also nice too!
I would say that the foods is really nice. 
But the service suck. That's all i can say.

Bibs to protect our clothes!

With Reichi! 
I accidentally drop my chopstick on her clothes and ended up she have a stain on her sleeve....
I'm sorry :( 

Me, Reichi and Gillian :) 

Then of course we must buy Boost! We actually went to Vivo City.
So we sat down at the usual place, chill and have heart to heart talk.
Through that talk, we know so much about each other and i felt that we are even closer.
Really really thankful to have you guys :) 

Gillian, ReiChi, Lena, Ziyun and Me :)

Me and Lena :) 

This is my favourite picture among all :) 
So we went homed. Shower and Skype! 
It's been a long time since we skype! 

That's all for today post :) 
Stay tune for the next one ;) 

PS: OMG GUYS!!!!! NEX HAVE BOOST!!!!! I don't need travel all the way to Vivo City anymore!!!

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