Saturday, October 24, 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy TAG

01) Everyone that i love is healthy. (Family/friends is important)
02) Everyone that i love is safe and sound.
03) Weekends. (Cheer to Sat & Sun)
04) Blogging.
05) Reading. (Storybook FTW)
06) Watch Youtube videos.
07) Dance. (KPOP dance)
08) Listening to music.
09) Sing songs.
10) Shopping.

11) Hanging out with friends.
12) Baking with my dad.
13) Eat dessert or good foods. (Junk foods too....)
14) Always be grateful and blessed.
15) Shower. (With music on)
16) I am healthy.
17) Eating with Family.
18) Drawing and colouring.
19) Taking pictures.
20) De-clutter my room and wardrobe.

21) Shoes with shoes lace.
22) Good dramas and movies.
23) Pamper myself. (Do my nails, put facial mask etc)
24) A good night sleep.
25) Animals. (Bunny & puppy especially)
26) Alone time
27) Drinking coffee, chocolate, tea and fruit juice.
28) Earn money. (Work doesn't make me happy except salary part)
29) Doing volunteer.
30) Gain knowledge from other people/places.

31) See humanity exist.
32) Good mood in the morning.
33) Workout.
34) Ham&cheese sandwich & Oyster egg without eating the oyster. 
35) The feeling of accomplishment.
36) Wearing comfortable & clean clothes.
37) Get inspired & have ideas.
38) Feeling loved.
39) Finally found washroom when you hold your pee for very long.
40) Productive days.

41) Flashback to old good memories.
42) Flowers. (Rose & Sunflower) 
43) Sunny, windy day when i'm outdoor & Raining day when i'm indoor.
44) Fresh bedding.
45) Fresh air.
46) Play games with my siblings.
47) Back when i was at Bintan and Hong Kong. (Without technology & go to Disneyland)
48) Home.
49) Home cooked food.
50) Receive compliment when you did something right. 

PS: Pictures credit to their rightful owner.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Life Update

Hi human! Today is 17/10/15, Saturday. Left 1 more day for me to chill at home before school officially start. :(. In the middle of my holiday, i literally stay at home all day. Partly because i am lazy to go out and i was sick. 

Beginning of October, i have been fever twice and until now, my cough did not even recover. It gets better but still coughing non-stop. Everyday, i will be waking up in the middle of the night because of my cough and i woke up super early. I can sleep at 4:30am and woke up at 7am in the morning. Hence, in the middle of my holiday, i felt awful because i did not do much and think that i wasted my precious time away. Then, i hope school will reopen sooner but after seeing my timetable for this semester, i hope holiday is longer. Anyway, moving on. 

Now looking back, i guess i did not really waste my time after all. I actually did pretty much what i want to do this holiday. I did everything except baking. I guess i'm ready for school. It's just that the journey to school really tired me out and the duration in school is really long. To be honest, after seeing my GPA, i told myself i have to do my best no matter what. I can feel my motivation and determination. No joke. However, I kind of dread about my CDS though because i know i will be alone again :( Alone is fine since i love alone time but it gets lonely sometime. 

Anyway, yesterday Li Wen came to my house and we have a lot of fun! I will blog about that soon and we did The Whisper Challenge. I'm going to edit that video (Yes, we film it) and post it on my Youtube channel :) It was super fun and i recommend everyone to do it! 

What else should i say.......Oh! Today dance lesson was fun! So far, i learned Heart Attack dance by AOA, I Need You by BTS and Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet. I really enjoy dancing but kind of sad because today is our second last lesson :(. I don't think i will sign up for dance due to my school timetable....I have to see if i'm able to adjust my timing before i join any activity. I feel like changing the course.....I kind of like Zumba and thinking of joining that because i think i will sweat more if i join that....But i know it will be extremely tiring and my timing for that doesn't fit well with my timetable too....So i need to see first :) 

I also need to say that i will not blog that frequently anymore when school start. I will try to blog once a week (weekend maybe) but if i cannot find the time, i will not force myself. To me, blogging is something i enjoy. 

I guess that it for my life update! I honestly need to enjoy my holiday/life while i can :) 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

3 Essential Makeup Products

Hi human! Today i will be talking about my 3 essential makeup products. This is the products i will not skip when applying makeup or i want to look presentable but lazy to put too much effort in it. This is also my lazy makeup products since i don't really put makeup that often. 

1) Concealer

- You can use foundation if you want to but for me, i think concealer will do the trick. I always put under my eyes (say bye to dark circle temporary) , around my nose and mouth (redness be covered) and lastly any scars or pimples you want to conceal. You will instantly look awake after putting concealer. I always have this mindset that why someone look so different with makeup is because of complexion. So, i am quite particular about concealer and foundation when it comes to makeup. 

2) Eyebrow Pencil

- Needless to say, i barely have any brow so i have to draw them whenever i put makeup. Makeup gurus always said eyebrow is important as it frames your eyes/whole face. Different types of brow will give off a different look. For example, eyebrow with arch will make your face look slimmer, edgy look while straight brow give off innocent look. 

3) Lip balm

- You can choose any lip products such as lipstick or lip gloss. But for me, my lip always get really dry so lip balm have to come for the rescue. I am still hunting for a good lip balm that can moisturise my lip and give me colour. Any recommendation? Hahahaha! :D But lip balm is essential especially when you want to prep your lip for matte lipstick that always make your lip dry. 

Those are my 3 essential makeup products when it comes to makeup! :D 
That's all for this post :D 
Bye :) 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Last week, my dad almost late for work because he went to the bathroom and shower. Then ended up, our bathroom door spoiled and it was impossible to open no matter the door was lock or unlock. Fortunately, one of our uncle just came back home from work and came for the rescue. Since it was impossible to open the door, the final verdict was to break the door handle in order to open it. So, he used screwdriver and hammer in order to break the handle. It was a lot of work to break open because our door is wooden and i guess the door handle was made of alloy. Because of this situation, my mum have to sweep and mop the floor again because all the dust and dirt were everywhere. But the most important thing was my dad managed to come out of the bathroom and made it for work. This situation happened to me before. That's why i want to write this post and talk about it. It was so funny that when my dad made it out, he told me that luckily i am not the one who trapped inside again. Because i have to say that i will went crazy. Why is this thing happened to me again?!

So, flashback when i was still at my old house and i was about 5 years old or younger. I remembered i am still studying at Kindergarten or Nursery. I remembered very clearly that i was shitting. For some reason, i asked my parents to come in and helped me with something that i realised that the bathroom door was lock because my parent couldn't come in. Because i was so young back then, i was really panic as i did not know what to do. The bathroom was really stuffy (window is way beyond my reach so i cannot open it) and i thought i would just died here. Like literally no joke, i thought i was going to die due to lack of oxygen. So i started crying and asked them to think of a solution and helped me out. Hence, my dad used the same equipment to help me out. I remembered he knocked out the doorknob and the door ended up have a hole. And this was how i made it out. 

It was kind of unexpected that the same situation that happened on me will happened again. But this time was not on me but my dad. It was kind of funny thinking back. Now, our bathroom door was impossible to close. We still showered there by leaving our door slightly ajar and using a twine to tied on the door so that we are able to kind of lock it on the inside so that when people pushed the door, it hinder it from pushing all the way. 

So yup! This is one of my story. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

KBBQ / Lipstick

On 5th October 2015, Monday. I went out with Lingli and ZiYun! We went to Nex to eat Korean BBQ! :D It's been a while since i last ate Korean BBQ and i have to admit, i kind of miss it and crave for it. So we make full use of 2 hours and we kept eating and eating. Eating is a joy, is a blessing. I love how we eat while chatting and just basically catching up with each other life. :D 

This is the only photos i took that day! Hahahaha :D 

After that, we went shopping for a while because you know......Walking help to digest food better.
Okay i totally make that up, i have no idea if walking help digestion.
But anyway, after shopping we went Boost! 
Come on, Boost is a must for me. You guys have no idea how happy i am when Boost finally open somewhere near my house! 
Okay....Not that near but near enough. 
And i tried green juice for the very first time!
I ordered Caribbean Green! 
To be honest, it doesn't taste as bad as i thought it would be.
I cannot taste the spinach at all! 
I only taste mainly passion fruit and banana.
Not too bad! Probably will order again next time :)
And that's conclude our day!
So one random day which i can't remember, my sister and i went to shop for a bit.
Mainly is to change my glasses which you are able to see on my previous blog post. 
Since i need to wait about 30 minutes in order to receive my glasses, we went shopping. 
Flashback to a few days back, i was randomly swatching lipstick when i found this colour that i love. 

This is the swatches.

And then i realised that particular lipstick that i love is out of stock...
As you can see i swatch so many lipstick and the one i love is out of stock....WTH!!!
Anyway, so i remember the lipstick number and went online search and guess what!
The lipstick name is Snow White.
If you know me, you know Snow White is my favourite princess!
(I know Snow White is the oldest among all the princesses. I know and i don't care)
So, of course i fall in love even more after knowing the name and thinking this is fate LOL.
Then, i shop with sister and i found it!!!!!!

NYX Lipstick: Snow White :D

So i try it on and i love it!!! 
This red is not those bright red that i own.
This is more vampy :D

Despite not really into beauty stuffs anymore but lipstick is still my weakness! 

Okay, that's it for this post!
Have a nice day :D 

Friday, October 9, 2015


Hey everyone :D! A little bit of changes in our life is good. So on 4th October 2015, Sunday, I finally decided to change my hairstyle :D 
Oh! I change my glasses too but on different day :)

Instead of black glasses, i change to brown because less harsh in my opinion :)
Finally i'm able to see clearly!
Did i shock you with my new hairstyle??? :P

Okay, i lied.
I didn't cut that short :P 
I only cut layer and in order to prank my friends i hide all my long hair and take out the short one :P.
But amazingly my friends and i think this short hair suit me!
So maybe next time i will consider this hairstyle!

So yup! This is my current hairstyle! Lots of layer going on on my head! 
So far i like it! My head feel so lightweight now!

After cutting our hair (my sister cut her hair too), we went to have breakfast together :D 
Can i say they have the best hot milk tea?
It is so good!!!

Okay, my post should end here :D 
To be honest, cutting my hair have a special meaning to me.
To me, it means new hairstyle, new beginning for Fann :) 

Bye :) 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Top 5 Favourite Apps :D

1) Pinterest

- I have this app in my phone for like months and months and i never use it until recently. Guess what! I'm addicted to this app! If you are lack of ideas and need some inspiration, this is the app for you! Pinterest have everything i needed. Life hack, tips, advice, tricks etc. Moreover, i love to read hence this is the perfect app for me. The pin that i find it useful, i will pin it so it is easier for me to find! People that follow my Pinterest also know what i have been pinning recently. The addiction is real and i have always wonder why people love this app. Now i know why because i am one of them :P.

2) YouTube

- YouTube is my favourite and i cannot live without it. Everyday, i will use YouTube and watch my favourite youtubers videos. I realised that my interest kind of change. I used to love beauty videos such as makeup and hairstyles. But now, i love family vlog, inspirational, advice and expectation versus reality videos. Sometime i just skip makeup and hairstyles videos because i no longer love it as i used to. 

3) Instagram

- I love to use this app and stalk people pictures. (Not even going to lie about stalking people LOL). I normally just used this app to like people photos and see people update. (Especially idols). I never even update my Instagram that often anymore because i have no new photos. 

4) Twitter

- Come on. This is a no brainer.  I always use Twitter to rant and tweet my opinions.

5) Carousell

- I always bought my books from Carousell. Reason being is........It is cheaper! I am a bookworm. I love to read non-fiction, inspirational and self-help books. I love the feeling of holding a book and just read and don't care about the world. Also, i love the feeling of not addicted to technology. 

PS: Pictures found on google.

Monday, October 5, 2015

DPA: Transnational Studies & Japanese

Hi guys! :D Back to talking about Cross Disciplinary Subjects (CDS) !!!!! But first, let me upload some photos! 

Thanks to dragon boat! Actually this is my fault because i totally forgot to apply sunscreen. 

I have no idea when i took this LOL.
Maybe while having lunch?

Okay! Back to talking about Transnational Studies (TNS).
I have to say that TNS is a subject that is damn difficult for me. 
The content is interesting but still....The project is pain in the ass.
Most of the time, i am totally not on the same page as my classmates.
AKA totally lost. 
I struggle with this subject a lot!
Anyway, i already did a blog post about where we live when studying for TNS.
Apartment tour : Read Here

My TNS flatmates and project mates :) 
Nicole, Jessalin, Syimah, Kelly and me :)

Lunch :D

During lecture :D 

Went Ikea to eat for the very first time with my flatmates :D

Went grocery shopping because the apartment was empty.

I am always outside the house door because of wifi :P

Sometime Kelly will cook us dinner :D

While sometime i will buy foods and eat :) 

So we went to the museum as it was part of the TNS thingy.

I actually really enjoy the view and museum....Probably will go back there soon as alone time to explore.

After museum, Jason suggest this place for us to eat and it was not too bad....But kind of expensive. :(

Since our TNS country was Egypt. We have to make Egypt dish so we made devil eggs.

While this was other group dishes.
We eat together as a class :) 
If i'm not wrong it was called international dinner or something along the line.

Everytime until certain time, we need to check in and mark our attendance.

Presentation :) 

The last few days, we decided to sleep together to bond :)
Also because something ghostly happen......... I will talk about this when i feel comfortable...

This is me falling asleep while memorising my Japanese script. 
I'm quite blessed to have them as they are nice.
They didn't woke me up for project work so that i can sleep more! 
But i still woke up in the end because of noise and....I'm really sorry i can't help much in TNS because i suck at it. :(
Let's talk about Japanese course!

Took this after my individual Japanese presentation :D 

With our Japanese lecturer ;)

Japanese tutorial teacher :D 

Nicole so going to kill me if she saw this.
Please do not tell her.
Thank you!

Realised that i study a lot more and more productive when i live without family.

Teacher gave us chocolate! Freaking nice!

Japanese groupmates :)
Me, Hui Yi and Shawn :)

Props for our presentation aka our acting and speaking in Japanese and do their culture.

Crave for this!!

Basically this is the end of my DPA post!