Thursday, October 15, 2015

3 Essential Makeup Products

Hi human! Today i will be talking about my 3 essential makeup products. This is the products i will not skip when applying makeup or i want to look presentable but lazy to put too much effort in it. This is also my lazy makeup products since i don't really put makeup that often. 

1) Concealer

- You can use foundation if you want to but for me, i think concealer will do the trick. I always put under my eyes (say bye to dark circle temporary) , around my nose and mouth (redness be covered) and lastly any scars or pimples you want to conceal. You will instantly look awake after putting concealer. I always have this mindset that why someone look so different with makeup is because of complexion. So, i am quite particular about concealer and foundation when it comes to makeup. 

2) Eyebrow Pencil

- Needless to say, i barely have any brow so i have to draw them whenever i put makeup. Makeup gurus always said eyebrow is important as it frames your eyes/whole face. Different types of brow will give off a different look. For example, eyebrow with arch will make your face look slimmer, edgy look while straight brow give off innocent look. 

3) Lip balm

- You can choose any lip products such as lipstick or lip gloss. But for me, my lip always get really dry so lip balm have to come for the rescue. I am still hunting for a good lip balm that can moisturise my lip and give me colour. Any recommendation? Hahahaha! :D But lip balm is essential especially when you want to prep your lip for matte lipstick that always make your lip dry. 

Those are my 3 essential makeup products when it comes to makeup! :D 
That's all for this post :D 
Bye :) 
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