Saturday, October 24, 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy TAG

01) Everyone that i love is healthy. (Family/friends is important)
02) Everyone that i love is safe and sound.
03) Weekends. (Cheer to Sat & Sun)
04) Blogging.
05) Reading. (Storybook FTW)
06) Watch Youtube videos.
07) Dance. (KPOP dance)
08) Listening to music.
09) Sing songs.
10) Shopping.

11) Hanging out with friends.
12) Baking with my dad.
13) Eat dessert or good foods. (Junk foods too....)
14) Always be grateful and blessed.
15) Shower. (With music on)
16) I am healthy.
17) Eating with Family.
18) Drawing and colouring.
19) Taking pictures.
20) De-clutter my room and wardrobe.

21) Shoes with shoes lace.
22) Good dramas and movies.
23) Pamper myself. (Do my nails, put facial mask etc)
24) A good night sleep.
25) Animals. (Bunny & puppy especially)
26) Alone time
27) Drinking coffee, chocolate, tea and fruit juice.
28) Earn money. (Work doesn't make me happy except salary part)
29) Doing volunteer.
30) Gain knowledge from other people/places.

31) See humanity exist.
32) Good mood in the morning.
33) Workout.
34) Ham&cheese sandwich & Oyster egg without eating the oyster. 
35) The feeling of accomplishment.
36) Wearing comfortable & clean clothes.
37) Get inspired & have ideas.
38) Feeling loved.
39) Finally found washroom when you hold your pee for very long.
40) Productive days.

41) Flashback to old good memories.
42) Flowers. (Rose & Sunflower) 
43) Sunny, windy day when i'm outdoor & Raining day when i'm indoor.
44) Fresh bedding.
45) Fresh air.
46) Play games with my siblings.
47) Back when i was at Bintan and Hong Kong. (Without technology & go to Disneyland)
48) Home.
49) Home cooked food.
50) Receive compliment when you did something right. 

PS: Pictures credit to their rightful owner.

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