Friday, October 9, 2015


Hey everyone :D! A little bit of changes in our life is good. So on 4th October 2015, Sunday, I finally decided to change my hairstyle :D 
Oh! I change my glasses too but on different day :)

Instead of black glasses, i change to brown because less harsh in my opinion :)
Finally i'm able to see clearly!
Did i shock you with my new hairstyle??? :P

Okay, i lied.
I didn't cut that short :P 
I only cut layer and in order to prank my friends i hide all my long hair and take out the short one :P.
But amazingly my friends and i think this short hair suit me!
So maybe next time i will consider this hairstyle!

So yup! This is my current hairstyle! Lots of layer going on on my head! 
So far i like it! My head feel so lightweight now!

After cutting our hair (my sister cut her hair too), we went to have breakfast together :D 
Can i say they have the best hot milk tea?
It is so good!!!

Okay, my post should end here :D 
To be honest, cutting my hair have a special meaning to me.
To me, it means new hairstyle, new beginning for Fann :) 

Bye :) 

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