Monday, October 5, 2015

DPA: Transnational Studies & Japanese

Hi guys! :D Back to talking about Cross Disciplinary Subjects (CDS) !!!!! But first, let me upload some photos! 

Thanks to dragon boat! Actually this is my fault because i totally forgot to apply sunscreen. 

I have no idea when i took this LOL.
Maybe while having lunch?

Okay! Back to talking about Transnational Studies (TNS).
I have to say that TNS is a subject that is damn difficult for me. 
The content is interesting but still....The project is pain in the ass.
Most of the time, i am totally not on the same page as my classmates.
AKA totally lost. 
I struggle with this subject a lot!
Anyway, i already did a blog post about where we live when studying for TNS.
Apartment tour : Read Here

My TNS flatmates and project mates :) 
Nicole, Jessalin, Syimah, Kelly and me :)

Lunch :D

During lecture :D 

Went Ikea to eat for the very first time with my flatmates :D

Went grocery shopping because the apartment was empty.

I am always outside the house door because of wifi :P

Sometime Kelly will cook us dinner :D

While sometime i will buy foods and eat :) 

So we went to the museum as it was part of the TNS thingy.

I actually really enjoy the view and museum....Probably will go back there soon as alone time to explore.

After museum, Jason suggest this place for us to eat and it was not too bad....But kind of expensive. :(

Since our TNS country was Egypt. We have to make Egypt dish so we made devil eggs.

While this was other group dishes.
We eat together as a class :) 
If i'm not wrong it was called international dinner or something along the line.

Everytime until certain time, we need to check in and mark our attendance.

Presentation :) 

The last few days, we decided to sleep together to bond :)
Also because something ghostly happen......... I will talk about this when i feel comfortable...

This is me falling asleep while memorising my Japanese script. 
I'm quite blessed to have them as they are nice.
They didn't woke me up for project work so that i can sleep more! 
But i still woke up in the end because of noise and....I'm really sorry i can't help much in TNS because i suck at it. :(
Let's talk about Japanese course!

Took this after my individual Japanese presentation :D 

With our Japanese lecturer ;)

Japanese tutorial teacher :D 

Nicole so going to kill me if she saw this.
Please do not tell her.
Thank you!

Realised that i study a lot more and more productive when i live without family.

Teacher gave us chocolate! Freaking nice!

Japanese groupmates :)
Me, Hui Yi and Shawn :)

Props for our presentation aka our acting and speaking in Japanese and do their culture.

Crave for this!!

Basically this is the end of my DPA post!
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