Sunday, October 11, 2015

KBBQ / Lipstick

On 5th October 2015, Monday. I went out with Lingli and ZiYun! We went to Nex to eat Korean BBQ! :D It's been a while since i last ate Korean BBQ and i have to admit, i kind of miss it and crave for it. So we make full use of 2 hours and we kept eating and eating. Eating is a joy, is a blessing. I love how we eat while chatting and just basically catching up with each other life. :D 

This is the only photos i took that day! Hahahaha :D 

After that, we went shopping for a while because you know......Walking help to digest food better.
Okay i totally make that up, i have no idea if walking help digestion.
But anyway, after shopping we went Boost! 
Come on, Boost is a must for me. You guys have no idea how happy i am when Boost finally open somewhere near my house! 
Okay....Not that near but near enough. 
And i tried green juice for the very first time!
I ordered Caribbean Green! 
To be honest, it doesn't taste as bad as i thought it would be.
I cannot taste the spinach at all! 
I only taste mainly passion fruit and banana.
Not too bad! Probably will order again next time :)
And that's conclude our day!
So one random day which i can't remember, my sister and i went to shop for a bit.
Mainly is to change my glasses which you are able to see on my previous blog post. 
Since i need to wait about 30 minutes in order to receive my glasses, we went shopping. 
Flashback to a few days back, i was randomly swatching lipstick when i found this colour that i love. 

This is the swatches.

And then i realised that particular lipstick that i love is out of stock...
As you can see i swatch so many lipstick and the one i love is out of stock....WTH!!!
Anyway, so i remember the lipstick number and went online search and guess what!
The lipstick name is Snow White.
If you know me, you know Snow White is my favourite princess!
(I know Snow White is the oldest among all the princesses. I know and i don't care)
So, of course i fall in love even more after knowing the name and thinking this is fate LOL.
Then, i shop with sister and i found it!!!!!!

NYX Lipstick: Snow White :D

So i try it on and i love it!!! 
This red is not those bright red that i own.
This is more vampy :D

Despite not really into beauty stuffs anymore but lipstick is still my weakness! 

Okay, that's it for this post!
Have a nice day :D 
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