Saturday, October 17, 2015

Life Update

Hi human! Today is 17/10/15, Saturday. Left 1 more day for me to chill at home before school officially start. :(. In the middle of my holiday, i literally stay at home all day. Partly because i am lazy to go out and i was sick. 

Beginning of October, i have been fever twice and until now, my cough did not even recover. It gets better but still coughing non-stop. Everyday, i will be waking up in the middle of the night because of my cough and i woke up super early. I can sleep at 4:30am and woke up at 7am in the morning. Hence, in the middle of my holiday, i felt awful because i did not do much and think that i wasted my precious time away. Then, i hope school will reopen sooner but after seeing my timetable for this semester, i hope holiday is longer. Anyway, moving on. 

Now looking back, i guess i did not really waste my time after all. I actually did pretty much what i want to do this holiday. I did everything except baking. I guess i'm ready for school. It's just that the journey to school really tired me out and the duration in school is really long. To be honest, after seeing my GPA, i told myself i have to do my best no matter what. I can feel my motivation and determination. No joke. However, I kind of dread about my CDS though because i know i will be alone again :( Alone is fine since i love alone time but it gets lonely sometime. 

Anyway, yesterday Li Wen came to my house and we have a lot of fun! I will blog about that soon and we did The Whisper Challenge. I'm going to edit that video (Yes, we film it) and post it on my Youtube channel :) It was super fun and i recommend everyone to do it! 

What else should i say.......Oh! Today dance lesson was fun! So far, i learned Heart Attack dance by AOA, I Need You by BTS and Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet. I really enjoy dancing but kind of sad because today is our second last lesson :(. I don't think i will sign up for dance due to my school timetable....I have to see if i'm able to adjust my timing before i join any activity. I feel like changing the course.....I kind of like Zumba and thinking of joining that because i think i will sweat more if i join that....But i know it will be extremely tiring and my timing for that doesn't fit well with my timetable too....So i need to see first :) 

I also need to say that i will not blog that frequently anymore when school start. I will try to blog once a week (weekend maybe) but if i cannot find the time, i will not force myself. To me, blogging is something i enjoy. 

I guess that it for my life update! I honestly need to enjoy my holiday/life while i can :) 

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