Thursday, October 1, 2015

Random Photos for Randoms Moment in Random Days~

Waiting outside the lab. 

Some drawing 

When bored in class.

What i found in the school library.

Dad birthday ;) 

School lunch :D

NV day~

TP have the best cheesecake :P

My pee is the most clear!
Feel so proud :P

First time trying churros and i don't like it....

With poly friends :D 

My favourite muffins :D 

With class!

Experiment :D

When your Organic Chemistry teacher is very punny :P

Sandra cake!

Brother bake in school. It suppose to look nice but he carried too much home so.....yup!
But it tastes nice though! I'm surprise :P

Most beautiful experiment :)

Loving the papaya juice :)

Waiting for dad.

Here he is :) 

I love home cook food :)

Lab partner :D

Doctor for a day :)

Brought home the lego kit and give it to my brother.
I thought he won't be interested but man....I am wrong!

All done in the oven :)

When your colour pencil is short as me.....

School food! Less than $4 :P

Dinner with Gillian and ZiYun :)

XinYi brought mooncake from Malaysia for us!
So yummy!!!

Sorry...I just have to post this awesomeness egg yolk!

If you guys don't know....I actually currently learning dance. :P
Kpop dance to be specific.
I love to dance and am always looking forward to go to dance studio :D
Best way to relax and kind of working out!

Perfection in a picture.

Bought books! I actually also bought Paper Town by John Green. 

Juice :D

Guess what ZiYun found! Pig!!! 
If you are in 5N2, you will know that this is our class favourite soft toy!
We treat him really well.....#justsaying

My current addiction, counter strike :D



My husband ;)

So sister receive a balloon from a hospital because she found a kindle in the toilet and return it!
I'm proud of her! She is my role model of course :D 

Before my dad went into eyes surgery!
I was super worried even though i know it was a minor surgery but.....all surgery have their own risk...So yup!
He is fine now :)

Went alone shopping and bought this long dress from Cotton On!
It was on offer :D

So my sister went to mooncake workshop and do her own mooncake!
Amazingly it tastes nice!

School workshop

Virgin try of pepper lunch and it was nice :D 

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