Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Last week, my dad almost late for work because he went to the bathroom and shower. Then ended up, our bathroom door spoiled and it was impossible to open no matter the door was lock or unlock. Fortunately, one of our uncle just came back home from work and came for the rescue. Since it was impossible to open the door, the final verdict was to break the door handle in order to open it. So, he used screwdriver and hammer in order to break the handle. It was a lot of work to break open because our door is wooden and i guess the door handle was made of alloy. Because of this situation, my mum have to sweep and mop the floor again because all the dust and dirt were everywhere. But the most important thing was my dad managed to come out of the bathroom and made it for work. This situation happened to me before. That's why i want to write this post and talk about it. It was so funny that when my dad made it out, he told me that luckily i am not the one who trapped inside again. Because i have to say that i will went crazy. Why is this thing happened to me again?!

So, flashback when i was still at my old house and i was about 5 years old or younger. I remembered i am still studying at Kindergarten or Nursery. I remembered very clearly that i was shitting. For some reason, i asked my parents to come in and helped me with something that i realised that the bathroom door was lock because my parent couldn't come in. Because i was so young back then, i was really panic as i did not know what to do. The bathroom was really stuffy (window is way beyond my reach so i cannot open it) and i thought i would just died here. Like literally no joke, i thought i was going to die due to lack of oxygen. So i started crying and asked them to think of a solution and helped me out. Hence, my dad used the same equipment to help me out. I remembered he knocked out the doorknob and the door ended up have a hole. And this was how i made it out. 

It was kind of unexpected that the same situation that happened on me will happened again. But this time was not on me but my dad. It was kind of funny thinking back. Now, our bathroom door was impossible to close. We still showered there by leaving our door slightly ajar and using a twine to tied on the door so that we are able to kind of lock it on the inside so that when people pushed the door, it hinder it from pushing all the way. 

So yup! This is one of my story. :)

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