Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Top 5 Favourite Apps :D

1) Pinterest

- I have this app in my phone for like months and months and i never use it until recently. Guess what! I'm addicted to this app! If you are lack of ideas and need some inspiration, this is the app for you! Pinterest have everything i needed. Life hack, tips, advice, tricks etc. Moreover, i love to read hence this is the perfect app for me. The pin that i find it useful, i will pin it so it is easier for me to find! People that follow my Pinterest also know what i have been pinning recently. The addiction is real and i have always wonder why people love this app. Now i know why because i am one of them :P.

2) YouTube

- YouTube is my favourite and i cannot live without it. Everyday, i will use YouTube and watch my favourite youtubers videos. I realised that my interest kind of change. I used to love beauty videos such as makeup and hairstyles. But now, i love family vlog, inspirational, advice and expectation versus reality videos. Sometime i just skip makeup and hairstyles videos because i no longer love it as i used to. 

3) Instagram

- I love to use this app and stalk people pictures. (Not even going to lie about stalking people LOL). I normally just used this app to like people photos and see people update. (Especially idols). I never even update my Instagram that often anymore because i have no new photos. 

4) Twitter

- Come on. This is a no brainer.  I always use Twitter to rant and tweet my opinions.

5) Carousell

- I always bought my books from Carousell. Reason being is........It is cheaper! I am a bookworm. I love to read non-fiction, inspirational and self-help books. I love the feeling of holding a book and just read and don't care about the world. Also, i love the feeling of not addicted to technology. 

PS: Pictures found on google.

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