Friday, November 20, 2015

Expectation VS Reality (Poly Version)

Hi human! :D Today, i'm going to talk about expectation versus reality. This is my first time doing this kind of blog post inspired by many Youtube videos and Pinterest. So, let's start!

Expectation: Dress Up

Yes. This is true that majority in poly (at least the poly i studied in) people dressing up. I thought i will be dressing up too! Wake up extra early, putting my makeup, doing my hair, choose nice trendy clothes, wearing nice heels and bringing drawstring bag or small pouches. Basically, dress up like you are going to some fashion shows or walking on the red carpet. Okay, that's a bit exaggeration there. Basically just dress up like you are not going to school.

Reality: Lapsap (Rubbish)

This is me. Totally did not expect this when i was in secondary school. In secondary school, i can't wait to go poly and wear my home clothes instead of uniform. I can't wait to dress up! But guess what. I bought like 5 poly clothes so i can wear it on Monday to Friday! So that i wouldn't think of what to wear because this is not a problem. And, i am extremely lazy!! Because the journey from my house to my poly is so far away, i refuse to wake up extra early and do my makeup and hair. I will rather sleep for that extra 5 minutes. As for shoes, sport shoes all day everyday because it is the most comfortable shoes and good for chasing the bus! For bag, i still brought my secondary school bag because who say poly have no books?! What a liar! I also have to add on that labcoat is extremely heavy. Just saying!

Expectation: Crazy Hair Colours

Blond hair, pink hair, purple hair...........Unicorn hair. Dyeing crazy hair colours and change it up every month. Having really cool hairstyle but most importantly, you love your hair colours to death and your hair just stand out among the crowd. Not going to mention that you follow the fashion trend too.

Reality: No Crazy Colours

Apparently my hair is still brown colour. In poly, the rules does not allow crazy hair colour. Why did you still see people with crazy hair colour in poly? Well, because they are in design course. Since i am in science course, teachers see crazy coloured hair as unnecessary. Those that dye outstanding colour actually got reprimand by teacher.

Expectation: Lectures? Skip.

Lectures early in the morning? Skip. Lectures late at night? Skip. Feeling hungry during lectures time? Skip. Need more time to do tutorials and study tests? Skip. Anyway lectures is not important and will not affect our grades. No attendance somemore so why go?

Reality: Attend lectures

I used to skip lectures until i see my ridiculous and horrifying GPA result. Now, i try to attend as many lectures as possible without skipping. Useless lecture, attend. Useful lecture, also attend. I swear to myself i will not skip lectures unless necessary. And as a science student, that lecture is important and you skip.......Holy.....I pray for you. Amen.

Expectation: Social butterfly

A lot of friends surrounded you. You are popular and goal af. 

Reality: Small clique

I actually really grateful that i am not alone in TP. I mean i can stand being alone but alone for 3 years is hell. Luckily, I have my secondary school friends and i have poly friends. I have small clique and i am grateful that our vibe is kind of similar and we have common things to talk about. 

Expectation: Eyecandy

Looking forward to school everyday to see my eyecandy. Get to see my eyecandy just make my day!

Reality: Eyecandy is GPA 4.0

I used to have eyecandy in my secondary school. I don't know if i told you guys here before on my blog but now you know. However, i don't have eyecandy in TP yet and GPA is really important to me right now. Somehow i find people treat eyecandy so seriously nowaday. Especially when i was reading TP confession on twitter, most of them is about eyecandy. Anyway, my eyecandy is my GPA. Something that will determine my future. 

Expectation: Lepak (slack) all day long

"Poly is easy." - They said. "You don't study also can pass." - They said. "Poly don't have too much stress as compared to JC." - They said.

Reality: Study your ass off

Okay, who is the one that told me Poly is easy? Let me tell you, Poly is not easy. I know people have this mindset that JC is more stressful than Poly but let me tell you, it's not. I can say we are all equally stressful. As a science student, you really have to understand the topic and know how to apply. Lab work is important too. Also, seeing my friends snapchat, they literally have no sleep just to finish their assignment which i also can understand as i been there. Yes, you can lepak and you won't failed. But, you will get lousy GPA which will bring you nowhere.

PS: Next week i will be having 3 tests and 1 presentation. Wish me luck :D All gif found from google. 

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