Friday, December 11, 2015

End of Dance & Ice Cream Time

Hey! I am back with a new post. So, my Kpop dance have officially ended weeks ago. So far, i learnt Heart Attack by AOA, I Need You by BTS, Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet and Remember by Apink. It was good to learn how to dance because i never join anything like this before and also it was a good way to exercise since i am moving my body. Now dance is officially ended and not going to lie, the first few weeks i felt empty. Not only that, because i was so busy with my school works i didn't exercise at all! I feel super unhealthy to be honest. Now i have 3 weeks of holiday and i'm really trying to get back to workout routine. I also want to join Zumba but i have been putting that aside.....Mainly because of time and money. After our last dance, i and my sister went to eat ice cream :D 

Mine is Oreo with Nutella :D 

Sister is Oreo with Milo 

Is it nice? I think it was not that bad! At first when i eat it, i thought it was not sweet and kind of bland. Okay...not that bland because at least i tasted milk. But when you eat more, it gets sweeter and sweeter! So overall.... i will give this 3.5 out of 5. :D 

I guess that's all for today post! Bye :) 

PS: I actually film the process of the person making the ice creams. But it was in my sister phone and it was hard to send the footage from my sister iphone to my android phone :(  

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