Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gillian's Birthday :D

Hey human! I'm back! It's seem like i didn't blog quite a while since i schedule most of my posts. Decided to blog today because i am procrastinating. I don't feel like doing my homework that's why! :P Anyway, i have been editing a video that coming up soon! :D Stay tune for that :D

So, i went out with ZiYun a few days before Gillian birthday to buy present for her. We (Ziyun, me, Lena, Lena boyfriend and Reichi) bought her Innisfree Orchid diffuser with flower stick and Forever21 hat :) It was super funny because i and Ziyun ended up shopping for ourselves too. I bought Innisfree lip balm tint in colour rose, 1 shirt and 1 hat from Forever21. ZiYun bought shirts from Forever21 and tons of stuffs from Innisfree! Hahahahaha!!! :D Before shopping we still bought Koi! :P We spend a lot that day! 


Nope. I'm not having alone time....if anyone even remember my snapchat :P

Trying out the Innisfree lip balm tint and damn.....I didn't know it was so pigmented! 
It was also extremely moisturizing!!!
My favourite lip balm now!
I highly recommend it!

Moving on to Gillian's birthday celebration!~


Her boyfriend surprise her!!

Here is the gathering and the foods!
We were having steamboat :)

Group photos :D 
We actually took a lot a lot of photos and Polaroid! 
I didn't know that taking so many photos actually very tiring! 
Salute those idols that need to model everyday!

I was actually having a lot of fun even though i missed the MAMA show!!!! 
Once in a while gathering is hard to come by!

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