Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First 2 weeks of January :)

Hi human! I'm back with a new post! Despite this week is E-learning week, meaning at home learning and doing assignment, I still go back to school almost everyday due to projects! 
So i apologise in advanced if there is no new blog post! 

On 1st January 2016, Friday, i went out with Li Wen. We went to Nex for lunch and then back to my house. 
She came to my house for some writing inspiration! Hahahahaha :P

On 6th January 2016, Wednesday, i bought 2 cakes from TP.
Oreo cheesecake is the bomb! First time trying the original cheesecake and it was nice too!!

 On 8th January 2016, Friday, i only have 1 hour lesson that day. Hence, my dad fetch me to school and home. On the way home, we stop by to eat Astons! It's been a long time since i last ate Astons!

On 10th January 2016, Sunday, sister went to Chomp Chomp and she brought back this 2 desserts :D
Durian and mango!
I freaking love the durian one!
The flavour is super strong for both desserts!
One word, good!

That's all for this post!
I know it was boring but my life is pretty simple.
Going to school and home. Nothing else.
But i still appreciate that there are still people out there reading my blog. :)
Thank you!
Bye! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fann's 2015 ❤

Hey guys! This is my first time doing post like this! 
Hope you guys like it. 
Looking back, i realised i actually experience and enjoy my life a lot. 
Warning: It will be a long post filled with 100+ photos. Pictures not in order.

Finally cut off my long hair :D 
People that see me in secondary school will know that i have super long hair!
I finally have the time to cut it all off after my O-level.

Went back to take my O-level result! 
I remember before going to school, we went to Nex wanting to queue for 12 cupcakes since it was 1 for 50 cent to celebrate SG50 i think. End up, the queue was way too long.
Then we went to eat instead. 
Anyway, i finally graduated from my secondary school! 
5 years just gone like that!

First time eating Holycow Creamery with Li Wen!
The shop was small and cute :)

Of course cannot forget about Korean BBQ! 

First time going Seletar Mall with my family!
Also, eating Song Fa Bak Kut Teh for the very first time!

Went to watch this movie with Li Wen!
I still remember this was a pretty touching movie.

My brother birthday.
First time eating such a nasty cake. This cake is freaking dry! No joke!
But my brother like it so....well....since he like it, my opinion is not needed.

Went to Chinatown with family to see them on lights :)

Help out at Treatsforjoy bazaar! It was a good experience and i love to observe people. It makes me feel good because i know i'm not the worse human being on earth. 
Just saying. 

Family and siblings photos is always precious :)
This was taken in Chinese New year.
Since young, i never look forward to Chinese New Year due to relative asking dumb questions and comparing me with other kids. Worse still, looking down on me and my family.
But of course not all relative is like this.
I know who treat my family well and who didn't.
To be honest, what i look forward to is money.
But that New Year was not that bad because i typically never talk to anyone except greeting out of politeness. 

As much as i said i don't really like DPA. 
I have to admit i did have good memories and one of them is dragon boating!
First time dragon boating and i enjoy a lot!
Also, i should be grateful that DPA allow me to go into the course i want. 

I know that day is ReiChi birthday! We went to watch Cinderella movie.
After that, Gillian, Ziyun and i went to see ion sky. 
It was beautiful.

Went to watch this movie with Gillian, ZiYun, Lena and Reichi.
I have to admit this movie was funny and lame shit.
I remember me and ReiChi laugh like crazy and the ending does not seem like ending.

This photo was taken when i started my DPA lesson, Gillian was in PFP and ZiYun haven even start school yet! 
We went to watch ah boy to men movie then went to eat dinner together!
We taken quite a lot of photos due to good lighting in the shop.

First time going to haunted house!! Quite a good experience even though i can't really see anything.
I went with Sandra and Xin Yi!

First time went to an event and is Rainie Yang event!
First time seeing her in person! 
Even though i don't really listen to Chinese song anymore, but i love Rainie voice.
This was host at Compasspoint which was quite near my house.
Went with Li Wen of course!

Went Wild Wild Wet for the very first time!
I go with Lingli and she have the free ticket because of some card!
Thanks lingli! :D
Oh my god, it was super fun!
Try out all the rides except one!
Also thanks Lingli for lending me her shampoo!
Of course i have a good time!

Went Sea Aquarium for the first time!
I go with ZiYun, Gillian and Lingli! :D
To be honest, it was quite boring but i have to admit some aquarium was really pretty.

Went to watch this movie with Lingli and ZiYun!
It was rare for Lingli to come and watch scary movie with us! 
But ended up, the movie was not that scary (scary if happen in real life though) but i love the plot.
Also, first time trying out patbingsu, way before it was famous. To be honest, bingsu was not that nice. I prefer eating ice cream.

Finally attend lecture with Gillian and Ziyun for the first week of school! 

Went to watch this movie with ZiYun! I remember we sneak a lot of snacks inside the theatre!
By the way, i love this movie a lot!

One of our break is freaking long so my poly clique (Eileen, me, XinYi, Sandra and Kimberly) decided to go opposite school and eat roti prata!
As usual, i was attracted by dessert prata and order that!
It was not too bad but you will get sick of it if eaten too much. 
I am also grateful that this clique and i have the same vibe and click well! Hopefully it stays this way throughout poly life because i know how it feel likes to be alone and it sucks.
Definitely doesn't want to experience that again.

First time eating llao llao with sister!
okay, not really first time because i ate ZiYun llao llao before to try!
Still, it was good.

Went to eat Sushi with sister and she ask me to try this "lobster" dish.
Oh man! This is freaking delicious!
First time trying it too!

First time eating Old Street Bak Kut Teh with family :D
This was soooooo good too!

Went to watch this movie with Gillian and ZiYun!
Not too bad! The dinosaurs is cute though :P

I finally have Boost card!!!!! 
This have to be in here because i was super happy and excited when i receive it!

Went out with family to eat and shop! 
Mum bought me this Nike shoes! 
I never own any branded shoes before so this is a first!
I would say that money well spent because i wear it every single day.
It was so comfortable and lightweight!
Worth it!

First time eating at The Loft Cafe with sister! 
I really love the environment there because it was really cozy and relaxing.
The interior design is exactly my style! 
And first time trying egg benedict! 
It was so damn good! I swear! 

Second time dyeing my hair :D 

Went Xcape for the very first time with the 5 diamonds (is an inside joke)! 
It was super fun and challenging!
Hopefully more to come!
And that was also the day we open up a lot too.

After Xcape, we went to eat at Yoogane
First time trying this dish and it was not bad! 
But their service kind of suck not going to lie.
We went to Bugis Yoogane shop if you're wondering.

Attending my sister graduation :D 
I can't wait for that day that it will be my turn to graduate!

First time volunteering and the feeling is so good! 
I know how it feels like to be poor so able to help them make me really happy!
Despite having to carry heavy stuffs and walk a lot, i love it.
The feeling of seeing people being really grateful and happy, just make my day!
Also, it was good to know Jonathan and Darren! :)

After volunteering, went to eat at CoCo Ichibanya with Sandra.
First time eating it! 
I see Li Wen eat before and i thought i should try it out since that time when i go out with her and Deon i did not order.

Of course the day i am finally legal :D
Thanks Gillian and ZiYun for the cake :D
I really appreciate it and i'm blessed to have you guys as my friends!

Thanks Kimberly too for buying cupcake as my present :D 

As usual, i have to have Chocolate Origin as my birthday cake at home!
Chocolate Origin is my favourite cake of all time!
The quality of the cake is top notch.

My "first" presentation if didn't count my CDS.
They are a bunch of good groupmates that helps me a lot!

Probably my best memories with family.
Went to Haw Paw Villa and Botanic Garden with family :D
Walk a lot, but i love it!

First time eating at Crystal Jade with family! 
Dad have vouchers so ended up not that expensive.

First time trying the dessert above and it was not worth it. 
I don't taste anything special about them. 
Moreover i waited for about nearly 2 hours if i'm not wrong.
Anyway, i used to play Snap card with friends and family!
Ahhh.... Good old memories.
Sometime i really love no technology day.

Heard that KFC have Froyo so i try it out for the very first time!
It was delicious and it was only $1!

Went back to my secondary school on Teacher day :D
First time going back as an ex-student :D
After that, went to sing Kbox with ZiYun and Gillian. 
Lingli didn't come though because she have something on.
But that kbox session is a good one!

Don't have the picture of the 5 diamonds on that day so here is the dinner i eat with them.
We actually went to Lena house and slack! 
We even do dubsmash! It was our first time doing though! 
You can watch it on one of my blog post HERE.

Have to post this because my dad look so cute here! 
Celebrating dad birthday :D 
Can you tell that we are chocolate origin fans? :P

Among all TP foods, i still love this.
It's been a long time since i last eat this because firstly, have to walk quite far and secondly, it was always crowded and long queue.

First time trying the popular spicy korean noodle. I dislike it because i can't stand the spiciness.
But my mum eat finish without drinking water! 

First time trying this oreo cheesecake!
Best cake from TP! Their chocolate cake and original cheesecake is good too!

First time peeing for experiment :D 
What an interesting experiment :P

First time trying churros but.......i feel like it was overrated just like patbingsu.
I personally not really a fan of it.

I love this picture so i have to put it here. We actually slack in the library because we have long break.

Best muffin on earth! 

Brother first time bake something for the family. 
First person to try is me.
Apparently he have talent in baking.

Prettiest experiment i ever did.

Dad fetching me to school and sometime fetching me home.
I really appreciated! 
I also love to ride motorcycle because the wind brushes against my skin is damn shiok.

My lab partner for semester one :D

Discover that egg can be cook in the oven.
Ever since then, it changes my life of having only ham and cheese sandwich. Now a new member on top and that is egg!

Xinyi brought back mooncake from Malaysia.
First time trying this kind of mooncake and damn.....It was damn good!

First Kpop dance lesson with sister :D 
It was my first time learning how to dance.

First time trying pepper lunch.

Dad first operation i think. I was so freaking worried about him.
Luckily everything is fine!

First time playing counter strike and it was a good one!

Ziyun send this picture to the whatsapp group because she saw this pig at Ikea.
Bring back so many memories of me and the pig ;')
Oh and i miss our class too ;")
Secondary 5 is the year i get close and know more about my classmates and teachers.

Sister first mooncake workshop.
Her skills not bad and it was nice.
As usual i'm the first to try it ;P

One of the school holiday we need to go back to school for some workshop.
I remembered we were the first to finish the puzzle and we also did this (picture above).
It was antigen! But somehow at that moment i thought it was some ugly unicorn that we made.

The feeling of being a doctor for one day :P
It was one of the experiment.
I miss this kind of experiment.

This was my first Ikea dishes! I actually go with my DPA mates.

First time away from home for 2 weeks and stayed in TP apartment.

Not the first time going to museum but it was my first time to realise i actually enjoy it.

Went to eat this super expensive udon.
It was nice but too expensive to the point i think it was not worth it.

My first TNS (is a CDS) presentation as a group! 

My Japanese (CDS) group mates! Our roles play went well too!
Also, can't forget the first time i have individual presentation! Scary but i did it!

New glasses and new hair. Even though my hair is not that length but whatever! :P

Dad got lock inside the toilet remind me so much of myself being lock inside the toilet in the past.
But the whole situation i find it funny...Hahahaha! :P

First time trying this roll up ice cream that is super famous.
It was not too bad!

Watched this movie with Ziyun and Gillian!
This is the best movie followed by pitch perfect.

First time trying out this kind of dessert! 
I love it!

Second non CDS presentation :D

First time trying 4 fingers! Personally i find it kind of too salty so don't think i will try again.

I really love it when dad cook!
One time he cook this black pepper crab! Oh man, this was hella good!

Celebrating Gillian birthday and have steamboat together! :D Blessed!

Dad give me this chocolate and it was so freaking nice!
First time trying this chocolate too!

This is such a simple dish but i love it!!!! 
Too long never eat already.

First time doing The Whisper Challenge with Li Wen :D

First time trying Krispy Kreme :D
It was so damn good!
Will definitely buy it again.

First time dining at Haagen-Dazs as they are famous for ice cream!
Not too bad but freaking expensive!

Playing pool after for so long!!!! Enjoy my time playing and hopefully my skills will improve in the near future.

Rahil doggie!!! I love doggie and of course he will be in my 2015 memories.
He is the most obedience and smart doggie i ever experience.
He don't really bark nor lick which i was quite amaze by it.

First time trying Tokyo banana and it was delicious.

Mum found my childhood snack and i have eaten this ever since she bought it!
Flavour was not as good as last time but i love it.

Discover my love for new Starbucks drink and that is green tea cream :D

Dyeing my hair for the third time :)

My favourite mango pudding!
It was from old street bak kut teh!
If you like mango, you will love die this!

My dad also bought me a necklace, mum bought me bracelets and i finally bought a laptop using my own money.

That's all for my 2015! 
I am really blessed and grateful that my loved one still stick by me all this time. 
Thank you and i will strive to become a better person :)