Monday, January 4, 2016

Outing with Li Wen

Hey! I'm back with another new post! So one of the holiday, i went out with Li Wen! We went to Ion Orchard to have lunch and then shopping! I actually bought a snapback but i didn't take a picture so it was not in this blog post. Anyway, after that went to play pool! It's been a long time since i last played pool! It was hilarious to see me play because i am totally failed at playing it! But, i did improve when the game go on. School start already and i'm so not looking forward! Also, i might do a blog post reflecting back 2015 soon. 


Went to Soup Spoon and eat our lunch :D
i have been craving for mushroom soup for the longest time. 

Went to queue for Krispy Kreme because there were buy 12 get 12 original donut for free since the date is 12 December :) 
I purchase the 12 colourful donut and i need to wait 2 hours for the 12 original one!
It was my first time eating Krispy Kreme. It was nice!
I really love the original, red velvet and the cookie cream.
The oreo one is not too bad too!

Since i need to wait for 2 hours, we went to eat dessert and shop!

Then after that, we went to Li Wen community club.
Since she is the member there, playing pool is cheaper.
After that selfies time :)

That's all for this post :D 
I really enjoy myself especially playing pool! 
I laugh a lot :P
Teehee :)
Bye :)

PS: We did The Whisper Challenge together! See the video HERE

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