Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Project & Random day

Hey people! So one of the holiday i went to Rahil house and do project! 

My morning breakfast. 
Youtube videos, coffee and chocolate chip cookies = perfect morning. 

Saw this at Rahil house! I want to try play this game though but he said is complicated.
So ended up, after finishing our project we played poker card instead.

Rahil foster this doggie! So freaking cute!
Damn obedient and clever i swear!
After project, home sweet home!

Finally get to try Tokyo banana! 
I heard a lot of people say it is not that nice but when i tried for the very first time, i like it!

This is my favourite childhood snack! 
I'm actually eating it right now while blogging.

Dinner! Home cooked food is the best!

Green tea cream is my new favourite starbuck drink.

Like what it said.....Inside is blank, no word.
It become my sketchbook teehee :)

This is a different day. 
I went to see doctor because i'm allergic to my glasses and this causes my ears to be red and hot.
Not only that it also have pus juice coming out and skin peeling off.

After doctor appointment, went to eat breakfast with mum :D

That's all for this post! 

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