Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let's Talk!

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day everyone :D. I know i have been missing for a while. Reason being is still the same. Busy. Moreover, exams is coming up so i won't be posting as much. Not after March :P. I have been editing one of the blog post pictures and it took me days to edit. I have decided to change my blog skin after March too. 
Anyway, i was scrolling through Pinterest one day when resting and i came across this question.

"Do you dread Monday?"

My answer for this is i don't dread Monday. I just dread what's Monday.......or weekdays, sometime weekends have for me. I am a homebody. I don't really like going out because i was lazy. If i ever want to go out, meaning is either 1) i want to spend alone time with myself or 2) i am going out to shop and eat with friends and family. If not i will be most likely staying at home reading and sleeping. Sometime even family and friends ask me to go out and i will reject it. #sorrynotsorry. I am just that lazy.

Most people dread Monday is probably because they relax and chill on weekends to know that Monday they have to face the world again by going to school or work. Worst still, facing people that they dislike and doing something hectic and uninteresting. To be honest, for now i hate Tuesday more than Monday because Tuesday is the most hectic day for me in school. 

In conclusion, it doesn't necessary that people dread and hate Monday and have Monday blue. They just dread what's the days have for them. 

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