Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kbox & Dinner

16 March 2016, Wednesday.

I finally get out of my house and meet up with friends! :D I met up with ZiYun first because we decided to go Nex and sing karaoke. I wanted to sing karaoke for the longest time and finally i'm able to sing it! Okay....Not really sing. I mean if you go kbox and you sing properly....You are doing it wrong. We basically scream at the top of our lung. It is good to relieve stress. 

We sing tons of Korean songs :D

After that we met up with LingLi and Gillian at Din Tai Fung for dinner! 
This is my first time eating at Din Tai Fung because i know the food is expensive so i always have no courage to eat there. 
But the food is so good!

This is my favourite dish!

After that group photos :D

Then we sit down and chat :D 
I love time like this when we just talk!

That's all!
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