Saturday, March 26, 2016


Here is some of my March albums :D

11 March 2016, i went out for an interview and mum asked me to take picture of the NTUC newspaper.

12 March 2016, I was bored so i decided to just doodle randomly of what i saw.

My laziness of not erasing the pencil mark.

13 March 2016, i and my sister want to sing karaoke at home so we decided to find way to allow our mic to work. Since we cannot see what's behind the television, dad took a photo of it and accidentally take a picture of himself :P

14 March 2016, i ate macaron :D 
This macaron is from Treatsforjoy :D
Do check them out as they sell variety of sweet treats!
They also have adorable designs too ;) 
Also, they are currently opening orders for April and May! 

15 March 2016, I drew this a long time ago when i saw it on Pinterest.
Not exactly the same but art is not about duplicating.

That's all for the March album for now :) 
Bye :)

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