Monday, March 28, 2016

Movie Reviews

School break start, these were the 4 movies i watched. 
5 movies actually but i already rate KungFu Panda 3 in this blog post.
I thought i watched a lot of movie at home but apparently not. 
I am actually quite shock that i still did not watch Deadpool yet! 
I am currently binge watching Criminal Minds as i just found out this TV series recently.
I know i am so late in the game but whatever.

I rate The Danish Girl 4.8/5
I love this movie so so much! 
I cried so much too.
It was so sad and touching.
I'm going to buy this book and read because the movie was so good. 
I even went to do my own research about it because i was so curious especially Lili diary!
Also, can we all appreciate how Eddie Redmayne act in this movie, he was so damn good!
They way he slowly transform into Lili and the way he show his gesture of a girl is so detailed.
This movie actually show you how transgender been through and it was not easy.
I really salute them especially their courage.

I rate The Mermaid 4/5
It was touching and funny! 
I highly recommend if you understand Chinese and want to have a good laugh.
This actually teach you to protect the ocean and it shows you how sea creature feel.

I rate Seducing Mr. Perfect 3.8/5
This was such an old movie but since i found it on youtube and it looks interesting so i watched it.
This was my first Korean movie if i'm not wrong.
Moreover, Daniel Henney was super hot in this movie!
This movie was quite funny too!

I rate Girls 3.8/5
This movie was good.
Basically it shows and teaches you about the importance of friendship.
Highly recommend.

So that's all for the movie reviews! 
My favourite movie out of this post will be The Danish Girl.
What about yours? 

Thanks for reading :)

PS: Photos not mine, found on google. Credit to them.

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