Saturday, March 12, 2016

Poly Friends Outing

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I have already finished my exams and i'm currently having my holiday. I feel good staying at home and relax. I feel good doing whatever i want to do and wake up at whatever time i want without alarm. :D I feel awesome! :)

5 February 2015, Friday.

I went out with XinYi, Kimberly and Sandra after school to shop and eat :D. We went to Punggol Waterway shopping mall for the very first time. As this shopping mall was newly build, we went to eat first before we explore around. 

First stop, we went to Pizza Hut as we all craving for some pizza :D
Also, took a tons of pictures!

Then we went to eat some really cheap Bingsu! To be honest though, it was not nice.
Then we took some pictures again and film a video that failed horribly....:P

After that, Kimberly went home first. 
Then Sandra ordered oyster eggs and we all shared.
Initially, we actually want to wait until dinner time and go Chomp Chomp but then plan didn't work out so we all went home instead after finish eating this oyster eggs.

 That's all for this post!
Even though the mall look big, there was actually nothing to shop....
Thanks for reading once again. 
I will try to blog more frequently this holiday :)

PS: Notice how we all wear white and black that day. That was unplanned! :P

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