Thursday, April 7, 2016

3 Books You Need To Read

Hello guys! Today i will be talking about 3 books you need to read because it was so good that it deserves a chance to read. Just to let you know about my genre of books. I tend to read non-fictional, biography, self-help and inspirational books. Occasionally, i will read fictional books if a lot of people recommend or the title attract me but that doesn't always happen.

Make Up by Michelle Phan
This is an awesome book and i finish reading this within a day. 
This book is really interesting and i gain so much knowledge reading this book. 
I know more about her since she did write about herself but i also know more about myself too. 
This book will be suitable for you if you love beauty, hairstyle, fashion etc. 
She have an amazing tips and trick and she also teaches us about job.
This book content is just a wide variety.

Limitless by Nick Vujicic
Again, this is also an awesome book. 
To be honest, most of the books i read are awesome. If not i will not recommend. 
This book is so inspiring and positive and also i love Nick Vujicic so much!
It have meaningful quotes and short story so this book will be for you if you are not really a reader.
This book just make yourself feel good on the inside, i swear.
You will see life in a different perspective and i love how it spreads positivity.

A Child Called 'It' by Dave Pelzer
Okay, this book is a little different.
This book is about Dave childhood and it was really sad. 
I admit, I love reading sadistic book. 
I used to be so ashamed that i love to read this kind of books because i think people just think i'm weird and sadistic.
However, i learnt to accept it and my friends love the same genre as i am so......I am not alone!
The reason i love reading this kind of book is because i see it in a different perspective.
Whenever i read, even though i felt sad reading it but i was so blessed about my own life.
Like who am i to complain about my life when my life is already good compared to them.
Moreover, they are so strong and positive to get over this situation and stand up for themselves.
I did not experience this so i have no idea how it feels but what i know is their experience is horrifying and able to get over it and forgive them is so strong. 
That's the word i can come up with, strong.

That's all for this post.
What's your favourite genre of books?
Thanks for reading :)

PS: I forgot to mention in my previous blog post that i also went Virtual Land and play basketball with my sister. It was so much cheaper than Timezone and i have a lot of fun! :D 

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