Saturday, April 23, 2016

CNY / Days With No Photo

Hi human! I was reading back my blog post and i realised i didn't post anything about this year Chinese New Year! It was quite shocking because normally i will post pictures of it but this year i didn't. Hence, i figured i should post it now.

Anyway, i really have nothing to talk about this festival. 
So moving on to the next topic!

On 19 April 2016, Tuesday. It was just a typical day for me until evening, i went out with my sister to attend my first ever Zumba lesson. I was probably the youngest there since most of them are older than me. I love the atmosphere there. The studio is big and full of energetic people. Basically it is full of good vibe and energy. I was super excited because i want to join Zumba for the longest time. Anyway, i really like it!! It was super intense and i sweat like a mad cow. 1 hour dance cardio non stop was awesome! I was about to throw up half way but i pull through it and i am proud of that! Can't wait to attend my next lesson! It was really good to destress and just relax! Not going to lie, my body was super sore for the next 2 days.
After Zumba lesson, we went to meet my sister friend, Siew Hui. We went to eat at Long John Silver but because i and my sister was too tired and exhausted to eat, so only Siew Hui eat. Then after that, we went to buy crepe at a shop called Hot & Roll and i bought 2 crepe. i bought 1 savoury and i sweet crepe because buying 2 different crepes are much cheaper. I bought ham and cheese and chocolate oreo (i think). In the end, i think the savoury crepe taste better because the cheese is super nice. My sister also bought apple and durian strudel.

On 22 April 2016, Friday. I went out with ZiYun and Gillian to buy lunch/dinner with them and then we hang out at ZiYun place to slack. I bought honey chicken chop for my brother which i regretted for not buying one for myself and i also bought 3 thai milk tea for my parents. The thai milk tea was super sweet but hey, i'm not complaining. Home girl love sweet things! So at ZiYun house, we watched bunch of shows and i finally watch Deadpool. 
At first i was kind of bored but overall, the movie was not bad. 
I will rate 3.8/5.

So that's all for today post! 
Going to treasure my Saturday and Sunday before school start. :(
Bye :D 
Thanks for reading!

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