Friday, April 1, 2016

Let's Talk : Instruments (band life)

Warning: I know this post is long but basically this is about my band life. 

Hello human! Currently writing this post in the middle of the night. This normally happened and i bet you guys did not know because all my blog post is schedule beforehand. Anyway, i saw this question on Pinterest once again and decided to talk about it.

What instruments do you play or wish you could play?

Well, I know how to play French Horn because my CCA is band during my secondary school day. To be honest, i am kind of proud to know how to play at least one instrument in my life because i was not born in a wealthy family hence i cannot afford to learn music outside school. I mean let's be real, i am not poor, just average, but learning extra stuffs outside school is super expensive and i really cannot afford that. It's been about 1 year plus since i last touch French Horn. So now i'm also not that sure if i'm able to play anymore but it's okay. At least i learnt that for 5 years and participate quite a number of competitions and performances. Most importantly, i make a lot of awesome memories with bandmates. We been through a lot of up and down and i definitely won't forget even if i have a concussion. To be honest, i am more close to my bandmates than my classmates back in secondary school. That's how awesome band is. 

A lot of people actually ask me in the past why did i join band and why did i choose French Horn. I join band is because my sister is also a band member and her instrument is also French Horn. One time, she brought the instrument home and i am so fascinated by it and think that it was so cool to play this instrument. Then i realised i cannot play a single shit because i cannot even make a noise from that instrument. This make me even more determined to learn French Horn. Then finally, we have CCA carnival. I have no idea what to join and only modern dance and band interest me. Then coincidently, band played a piece that i love a lot during CCA carnival and that piece is Oteyawarakani. Moreover, they said joining band guarantee will get A for CCA point and they do not require people with background music. Hence, i joined. And yes, i learnt everything from scratch because i have no background music. 

At the beginning, i was so excited for band and i came for every single practice even when i no need to during secondary 1. Then slowly, i realised band was super hectic and tiring, so i started to skip band sometime. If you are my reader from the very beginning, you will know that i complain about band a lot and i even say i hate band and can't wait to graduate and leave. However, slowly i freaking love band and i hate to admit this but i really miss band a lot after i step down from band. Anyway, after being a senior, i finally know how senior felt at that time. Being senior is not easy. Moreover, i have a position of a secretary and section leader. The responsibilities, commitment and stress is no joke. I constantly remind myself i have to be junior role model all the fucking time. No joke. I still remember when they announced me to be secretary and section leader, my first reaction is what the heck! No way. I don't want. I just want to be a normal member. But they are so determined and sure about it especially Juay Hung and Liang Hao. Anyway moving on, i started to teach juniors all the things that i know. I may not be the best but i know i did my best. I am proud to say all my juniors do me really proud and i have no worry or regret.

Moving on, i am quite disappointed that i didn't get to learn how to play Oteyawarakani but i did play that piece twice in CCA carnival so i guess that's good enough. My favourite piece to play with band is March Together. That piece is not just music but full of memories and emotion. It is where we all started. My favourite performance is when we played Rock Around The Clock during speech day 2012. This is the first time i heard audiences cheer and enjoy our performance so so much! Reason being is maybe because this time round we play and also doing action. I actually love doing action while playing instrument even though i remembered that time while practising turning my French Horn, i feel like a failure because i failed to do it properly. But i succeed during the actual performance. Thanks god! My favourite memory with band is definitely when we went Hong Kong Disneyland. That is my first time on an airplane, first time going Hong Kong, first time staying in a hotel and first time going to Disneyland and the cool thing was we perform in Disneyland. Then after performing, we get to play all the rides and explore Disneyland. That's was my favourite memory out of all memory. I really miss it so much..... 

Speech day 2012: Rock Around The Clock

I actually did not expect myself to talk about my band life story but that's how it goes..... Anyway, i also know how to play recorder. I mean most people know how to play isn't it? Hopefully in the near future, i'm able to play piano and guitar or ukulele. 

I guess that's the end of this long ass post. 
If you make it to the end, thanks for reading and have a nice day!

PS: Band gave me a lot of opportunities and allow me to experience a lot of things i never experience before. Therefore, i am really grateful and also blessed. Also, i am thankful for all my precious bandmates that happen to be in my life and accompany me throughout this band journey. You know who you are, senior, junior and those that same batch as me. :D

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