Saturday, April 9, 2016

Outing With Friends

Hey everyone! On 7 April 2016, Thursday, i finally went out with my secondary school friends! :D It's been a long time since i met them and it was really hard to plan an outing that fit our schedule. Anyway, overall i still have a lot of fun even though i wasn't at my best condition at that time. 

So firstly, we met at Dhoby Ghaut to eat at Just Acia.
So this was what i ordered.

Then later on, we went to Clarke Quay for Tsujiri. 
I ordered Chocolate Latte.
To be honest, i don't know this is a latte because the menu only put chocolate.
So i was super nausea because i don't take caffeine well. 
But the drink taste good though.

After that, we went to take group picture that filled with Sakura flower but i guess you can't see the flower.
Anyway, it was a wonderful day out with ZiYun, Gillian, Lena and ReiChi! 
Sure enough, going out with them always make me laugh and have so many stuffs to catch up on!
I am grateful for that.

That's all for this post.
Bye :)

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