Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 Things To Do When You're Bored

Hello everyone! I'm currently on school break hence i thought why not i write about this blog post regarding to do things at home to kill your boredom. I have been doing all this things to kill my boredom since i'm such a homebody so i want to share it with you guys. 

1) Blogging
You guys may have notice that i have been blogging quite recently lately. This is because i was bored and i love blogging and share about my life and pictures. That's why i decided to blog more often because i know once school start, i will be blogging less due to my busy school schedule. Also, i love my planner. I love to write stuffs down whether it is a to do list or workout day. I just love the fact that i can physically see it and the satisfaction you get when you cancel it because you finish what you suppose to finish.

2) Reading
I have been reading storybook lately. Again, i know once school start, i will not be reading that much anymore because until then you will be reading your school notes and prepare for tests or busy doing tutorial worksheets. 
Let's be real here, school is really hard. 
Anyway, the book i'm currently reading is "Deliver Me From Evil" by Alloma Gilbert.

3) Drawing/Colouring
I love to doodle and colour if you don't already know. I have been doodling during the month of March but not so much during April. Don't ask me why because i have no idea too. 
I have been colouring on my favourite colouring book.
The colouring book i have is "Enchanted Forest".
I swear colouring book kill a lot of your time. 

4) Pampering 
Pamper yourself people! People tend to forget and neglect themselves. Come on, you are important and it is important to pamper yourself and give yourself the attention.
Since now is the holiday, you have tons of time to pamper yourself!
I have been painting my nails and give myself a good facial mask.

Both base and top coat is from Innisfree and i swear these products were so good!!!
Especially the top coat, my nail colour stayed for 2 to 3 days without chipping. (Normally my nails chip in day 2)
I have to say it have strong nail polish smell though but damn the gloss it gave me is so good!

My nail colour is "VIP Girl Nail Polish BL505" by Etude House.
This colour is gorgeous and unique.

I have been trying out Innisfree mask.
I have to say i'm not that impressed with this mask after i compared with The Face Shop Character mask. 
I actually dislike the smell. For some reason i smell alcohol in it.
It does leave my skin feeling smooth but i personally preferred character mask from The Face Shop.

Character mask from The Face Shop is what i love recently!
I was super impressed by it.
Packaging is cute and is a really creative mask but i have to admit if you put it on, you look nothing like the packaging.
I have no idea how to describe the texture. I can only say that it was different from other mask.
This leave my skin smoother than the Innisfree one.
My skin feels so smooth like a baby butt.
(I didn't used the monkey mask because i only tried the cow mask. Took this picture because i run out of the cow mask)

My Beauty Diary mask is my holy grail mask. 
I love the Bird Nest mask from My Beauty Diary but the Apple Polyphenol mask was not bad too.
It does smell like apple.
I have been a fan of this product for the longest time. Whenever my skin feel dry, i always approach My Beauty Diary mask. Always!
The Bird Nest mask leave my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturise while i did feel my pore tighten when using Apple Polyphenol mask.

5) Working Out
Come on. I am a strong believer that if you hate exercising, it means you have not find one that is suitable for you. I hate running and doing sports but i love dance cardio and pilates.
The Fitness Marshall (dance cardio) and Blogilates ( pilates) on youtube is my favourite fitness youtubers.
They are my sprit animals alright! :D
I actually have no problem motivate myself to exercise.
The only problem is controlling my diet because i love dessert so damn much.

That's all for this blog post 
Thanks for reading!

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