Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thoughts About School Starting Soon

Hi human! School going to start soon.... I know a lot of poly students already went back to school this week but ours did not start until next week. I just check my school schedule and i think it was not that bad. Start early, end late, but no complain. This is the life of a Science student. Even though i'm not looking forward to go back to school because i hate all the stress, projects and exams, but i have to admit that it is good to learn new stuffs and gain new knowledge. I actually can't wait to have busy schedule once again and have a proper routine because i feel so lifeless at home. Since school starting soon, that also mean i won't be able to blog every alternate day anymore because i know i won't be consistent with that. I decided to try blogging once per week if i can. Most likely i will publish post on either Saturday or Sunday. I will try because i really want to keep this blog alive and updated! I apologise in advance if i did not keep my promise and hope that you guys will understand. 
So that's all for this post.
Thanks for reading!
I really appreciate! 
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