Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why I Started Blogging

Hello human! I realised i have been blogging for almost 8 years which means that when i first started blogging i was 11 years old. Time really pass by quickly as i'm now 19 years old. I did briefly talk about why i started blogging in one of my post and you can read it here.

I started blogging back in 2008 and the reason that i started this personal blog and getting to know about blogger is because of school. When i first create a blog is due to teacher requirement because we have to write our reflection/journal. Then i thought to myself why not i just create another blog that is for personal use. Since young, i have a habit of keeping a diary and thought that i can treat my personal blog as a diary. So this was how this blog was born! Also shout out to my mum who always secretly reading my diary and think that i did not know. It's not like i keeping any secret from her so i don't really mind but i did feel like my privacy was violated.

At first, i'm really excited to have a personal blog because it was also kind of a trendy thing to own one at that time. I actually did not treat it really seriously for some reason that i don't even know. I write whatever i'm feeling that day, i have no plan on how to write it so it was all over the place. Moreover, i publish multiple posts per day and it was just really low quality posts. (Basically i just treat it like twitter at that time when twitter doesn't exist). Now whenever i read back, i was like what am i doing and writing. It was not detailed and i have no idea what i'm trying to say at that time when i read back the posts. Also, what i wrote is really childish, immature and sometime offensive that will hurt other people feeling. Overall, my posts in the past are really chaotic. You guys can still read what i publish in the past because i did not delete it. I did comtemplating whether i should delete it but in the end i just let it be because it was part of my growing up process. I have change a lot and have a new perspective and that's good. I love to see how i change and grow as a person....Becoming more mature and serious in what i'm doing. Also, it was good to read back to refresh memories.

Moving on, now i love blogging because it was easier than writing it down in my diary. Blogging allow me to share photos and videos with others around the world while diary can't do that. Hence, this is also one of the reason why i continue to blog. Also, i'm able to read other people blog post and comment on their post which is awesome! Blogging is good in general as i love to document my life. I treat it more seriously when i was in secondary school....I guess that's the time when i'm more mature. Even though this is my personal blog, i did not really share everything to be honest. I figured out that since public is reading it, i want to spread more of positivity than negativity. Also, some of the situation involve my family and friends and i think it was not appropriate to put it out there as i have to protect and respect them. It is not just about me but also about them. 

Maybe i will do another blog post about the pro and cons about blogging or maybe diary versus blogging or maybe what i learnt throughout blogging. That will be fun to talk about!

That's all for this post!
Thanks for reading!
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