Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Week of School (Diary Style)

Title: Angry at Something I Can't Control

On 25 April 2016, Monday

I did not really sleep because my body clock was screwed up really badly. I think i fall asleep around 5am and woke up at 5:30am. But i pressed the snooze button until it was 6am and i freak out because i saw a flash. Ended up the flash was lightning and i was so mad. I'm angry not because i freak out but it was because it was my first day of school....well sort of....and it freaking rain!!!! I was on school break for about a month and the weather was hot af. Then when i have school it freaking rain!!!! Like why????? It was such a nice weather to sleep in when it rains!! Some more, it rains really heavily. Thunder can be heard and lightning can be seen. So yup, i know it was really stupid to angry at something i cannot control. But really, i was so pissed! Moreover, my transportation in the morning is motorcycle. So, when it rains, it was really troublesome and dangerous. Luckily, the rain kind of stop when i was on the road so everything was fine.

Ice lemon tea

Baked rice with curry and hotdog

Raspberry ice-cream

Whenever my dad fetch me to school, i will always reach school really early. Hence, i brought my laptop with me and used the time to watch youtube videos and eat breakfast. Then, finally attend my lectures and until now, i still don't understand why teachers have to brief us because i honestly think it was not important. I would rather them to start teaching the topics early. Moving on~ I have 4 hours of break. This was because first week of school have no tutorial and laboratory. Hence, the 4 hours i spend with Sandra and Xin Yi by going out of the school. We went to Paya Lebar as Xin Yi need to collect some stuffs. Then we went to Bedok and eat 18 chief. I really love their interior design and i heard that 18 chief hired those people that used to be in jail. I like their idea because some people really deserve a second chance. After that, we went to Xin Yi house and slack. Then back to school to listen 20 minutes of lecture. Yup, we are such a good students. I know. I went back home with ZiYun and Gillian and i was so tired mainly because i lack of sleep. I was actually quite amaze at myself that i did not even take a nap.
I waited for my dad to bought dinner home and he bought duck rice for the family. After eating, i totally K.O.

PS: I actually ask Xin Yi and Sandra this question and i thought i will ask you guys too. The question is "Are you okay living with your boyfriend before marriage or after marriage?" I actually don't mind before marriage because i think it is good to know your partner lifestyle. But that's just my opinion.

Title: Last Zumba Lesson

On 26 April 2016, Tuesday

My dad fetch me to school and i reach school super early! I have 5 hours to kill before having lecture so again, i used the time to eat breakfast and watch youtube videos. After that, attend a 2 hours lecture then went home with ZiYun. Reached home, rest a while and go out with my sister for our Zumba lesson. Today was our last lesson and i was kind of sad. Today Zumba was not as intense as compared to last week but still, i like it a lot and sweat like a mad cow. Teacher change up the song a bit and she actually played PSY Daddy. I actually really enjoy that song hahahaha!! :D Even though i was tired from school, Zumba really hype me up and i feel so good after that. After Zumba lesson, i went to eat my favourite crepe from Hot & Roll. I bought the ham and cheese again :D. While eating, i also went to shop a little because it's been quite sometime since i shop. I realised that i'm really not close with my classmates. One of our classmate actually changing course and i didn't know until Xin Yi told me. Anyway, after Zumba lesson, we reached home shower and sleep!

Title: Library Workshop

On 27 April 2016, Wednesday


Top 5 for the mini game
Our class is super competitive

Sean gave the whole class some foods he brought back from oversea.

This is what we receive from the workshop

Supposedly i have no school today but i have a library workshop to attend to so i came to school super early with 6 hours to kill. Everyday i am so grateful that my dad fetch me to school because i really dislike taking public transport because of the crowd. Anyway, i spend the 6 hours watching youtube videos and playing Kim Kardashian. Also, i eat breakfast! I did not bring any reading material with me which i kind of regret. I should have brought my storybook! I actually really like alone time in the morning but the downside is i have to wake up super early and when i have to go to the washroom, i need to bring all my stuffs because i don't trust human. I going to enjoy my first week of school because starting from week 3 onward my schedule is damn hectic. I can't wait for tomorrow because i have no school tomorrow!!! Which mean i have to take pictures of some stuffs for one of my blog post coming up!! I really enjoy taking pictures and videos but sometime i have to admit my laziness can take control of everything. Forgot to mention that last night, i was taking Mrt and i saw Nick Vujicic is coming to Singapore on my birthday!!!!!! Oh my god! I really want to listen to his talk so damn badly.

Moving on, i should continue talking about what happened today. Anyway, the workshop went great and after that i went home. I actually learnt a lot and the mini game we played to test our understanding of the workshop is fun. Went home and eat dinner as my mum bought nasi lemak for me! I was so tired that i fall asleep after finishing my dinner. I woke up around 10:30pm to shower. Now it is 3:35am and i need to sleep soon so good night guys!

Title: Unproductive

On 28 April 2016, Thursday

Today is no school day for me! I am being extremely unproductive at home. The things that i want to do, i did not even done it. Okay, not really didn't done it but........I'm procrastinating real bad. Printer is giving me a really hard time. Impossible to scan and impossible to print in black ink. I am so done!

Title: The Blur Fann

On 29 April 2016, Friday

Went to school really early today as per usual. Did not bring my laptop because it's only 1 hour wait before my lectures start. I was super bored and my phone kind of spoil. Or i should say my phone battery kind of spoil. I charge fully and in the end half battery was gone. Luckily i have my portable charger and i charge twice today in school!!! My phone also get really hot even when i'm not using. This suck so damn badly and i damn scared that my phone will explode because it was really hot. Anyway, school is fine. So here is a story that make me so mad but at the same time i feel like laughing because i'm so dumb. So, i apply for financial assistance and i realised i pass up on the wrong date! Different date is different types of financial assistance and i freaking look at the wrong date and pass up at the wrong date! Just when i thought i settle the money part, i realised i was wrong!!! Argh! Meaning Tuesday i have to withdraw and re-submit on May instead...... I am so blur like seriously. Just when i thought i can pass up early and settle early..... gosh. Burden!!!! Sometime i really hope i can be rich....hopefully one day. Rich on the inside and out.

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